Landscape Architecture alumna’s tips for designing dream gardens


Landscape Architecture alumna, visiting tutor and award-winning garden designer and landscape architect Ula Maria recently featured in an interview with The Telegraph, where she offered tips for designing a dream garden, regardless of space.

Landscape Architecture

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Ula studied a BA and MA in Landscape Architecture at BCU, where she was awarded the Landscape Institute’s John Knight Award for both her undergraduate and postgraduate major projects.

Design tips for small spaces
  • Consider using the same paving materials outside as flooring inside to make the space seem bigger.
  • Wall-mounted water features are brilliant for gardeners with limited space – reflective surfaces will create the illusion of size.
  • Use multifunctional furniture, such as chairs that double up as storage space.
  • If you can, incorporate lighting right at the beginning of the design process to make the most of features.
Best plants for year-round interest

Amelanchier lamarckii (Snowy mespilus): From white flowers in the spring, berries in the summer and bright red foliage, this is great all year round.

Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae: Makes excellent ground cover for difficult sites, particularly dry shade.

Veronicastrum viriginicum ‘Fascination’ (Culver’s root): Retain the dead flower heads for firework-shaped interest throughout the winter.

Phlomis russeliana (Turkish sage): An excellent year-round plant, as yellow flowers turn a deep rust.

Read the full story in The Telegraph.

Pictured: Ula Maria (Newsletter photo credit: Rebekah Kennington)

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