Designing for Macbeth


Emily Hesketh, a second year BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design student, recently joined a group of students and staff from different subject areas, to work on a performance of Macbeth. Working alongside academics from the Birmingham School of Acting, including the Head of School Stephen Simms. Emily worked on designing a functional space that works with performance and audience in mind.

Emily said afterwards: “Working across Schools was a highly enlightening experience. It was fantastic to work with others who also have a creative mind-set but sometimes needed to communicate design principles and practicalities. I was nevertheless shown a new way of thinking whilst working with members from the school of acting. I also learnt a lot about working towards a deadline and making sure design decisions were agreed by everyone.

“I found out about the project as Maria, my second year lecturer, approached me asking if I would like to be involved in working on a live project during the summer break. I believe she asked me as during the year my work had been conceptual and abstract, however still designing functional spaces with the users in mind.”

“I was involved in the project from a few initial meetings before we entered the space discussing ideas and practicalities of the exhibition. In the week before the opening night we set up the installation. When setting up I was involved in buying materials, video editing for some projections and then also the overall layout of the installation and creation of the space.”

As a student on BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design you’d work on a wealth of industry projects throughout your time. That’s not all though – you’d also be given opportunities to work on extra-curricular activities open to the public that will give real depth to your CV.


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