Design Management alumna shines at Paris Fashion Week


MA Design Management alumna Grasheli Kusuma Andhini recently had her work featured on the catwalk as part of Paris Fashion Week. Graheli’s ‘Love Affair’ collection was included as part of The Fashion Division show held in the Haussmannian mansion area of the Hôtel Le Marois.

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The Fashion Division show was created by Wulan S. Haryono to give exposure to young and upcoming designers from Indonesia – the collections were selected for the uniqueness of the designs and quality of the garments.

“For this collection, it was titled Love Affair”, Grasheli explained afterwards. “That longing feeling, the entanglement, an amour. The baffling drama in between has inspired the whole creation of this collection. It’s black, it’s alluring.”

Paris Fashion Week is held in multiple venues across the capital and is considered an integral event in the fashion calendar, seen by millions across the world.

“It all started with an introduction to the organisers of an independent Paris Fashion Show”, Grasheli said. “I applied and had to go through a number of selection stages to have my collection included. This included the designs, fabrics, sewing and the quality of the fit.”

Reflecting on the Master's in Design Management, Grasheli explained how the course made a significant impact on her career:

“Coming from a creative discipline with little knowledge of the business side, Design Management was the perfect course. It gives creative people an insight into industry, allowing them to learn about processes and procedures. This course facilitates the exploration of business in creative industries."

It doesn’t stop here though for Grasheli: “I’m planning to expand the business, reaching bigger markets and keep on offering new innovative designs periodically.”

You can follow Grasheli’s work on her Instagram account and find out more about MA Design Management at our November Postgraduate Open Day.

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