Architecture lecturer has work displayed at Library of Birmingham ‘Gothic Convention and Exhibition’


Architecture Lecturer Alessandro Columbano has had work accepted on display for the Library of Birmingham’s 'Gothic Convention and Exhibition'.

The piece on show is called 'Vault Experiments no.3' and is to be exhibited between April 7 and May 2.

The recognition

The recognition within the event hosted by Birmingham City University comes as a result of a piece of work that was submitted based on some earlier research around 3D printed gothic structures. Alessandro said:

The work is part of Alessandro's ongoing practice, investigating methods of appropriating historic and cultural references combined with emerging manufacturing techniques that can be applied to an interior, spatial or architectural discipline.

He added: "Being able to experiment is essential to help inform students on the capabilities and limitations of the technology for their own practice and design development.

"The exhibition is incredibly varied and is a testament to the diversity and quality of our staff and students at Birmingham City University, as we all respond to the Gothic theme in rather unusual ways."

The exhibition

The exhibition showcases the quality of the staff and students from Birmingham City University and presents many different gothic architectural ideas.

Visit Gothic Birmingham or their official twitter page to find out more about the event.

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