Yuting Zhou

Lecturer in Landscape Architecture

Birmingham School of Architecture and Design
(+86) 13554160734

Yuting Zhou is a Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at BIFCA. Yuting has a lot of international teaching experience in landscape architecture. She used to teach at the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture of Louisiana State University in the US, the LSU Hilltop Arboretum high school summer camp in the US, and the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in China.

Yuting's research interests focus on unrevealing complex landscape systems to the public through multiple communication media. Instead of physically intervening in the landscape, which might cause new issues, she is interested in visualizing the fieldwork, as a cognitive intervention, to change what people see and what people will practice on the land. Besides, she had a great passion for landscape education. She is good at applying different teaching methods to motivate students' independent thinking and creativity.

Yuting is also a practitioner. She worked as an independent designer and contractor, and has finished many landscape design and construction projects. Her practice covers a wide range, including residential, municipal, and private gardens.

Yuting holds two master's degrees: MLA of Louisiana State University and MS in Ornamental Plants and Horticulture of Jiangxi Agricultural University.