Kathryn Jones

Kathryn brings over a decade of experience to her role as a Senior Lecturer on BA Interior Architecture and Design, and has been instrumental in leading, delivering and transforming the course over this period to marry the needs of the evolving industry with the skills and ambitions of the students. As a respected alumni of the College and having taught across every year in the programme, she possesses an intimate understanding of the curriculum, the ethos and the qualities of a successful BCU graduate. Kathryn has previously served as co-course director, among other course leadership positions.

At the core of Kathryn’s teaching philosophy is her commitment to enriching the student experience and nurturing the diverse set of skills and self-confidence crucial for success beyond academia. With extensive practical experience across sectors including workplace, hospitality, leisure, retail, and residential projects, she integrates industry insights into her teaching, connecting students with valuable professional networks and opportunities.

Her teaching experience also includes a variety of overseas roles including former link tutor for partner organisations in Hong Kong and Malaysia, highlighting her global perspective and dedication to developing international educational collaborations and interdisciplinary learning.

Kathryn is also a highly accomplished and internationally acclaimed professional competitive Ballroom and Latin dancer and teacher, often synthesising educational strategies from across these two environments, including performance and participatory education. Kathryn’s expertise in working with neurodiverse students of all ages and all backgrounds has enabled her to develop a dynamic, sensitive and inclusive learning environment into all her studio classes. Kathryn’s enthusiasm for this intersection motivates her to pursue research avenues in this field.

Kathryn believes in the importance of promoting a sense of belonging within the university environment, recognising that a supportive and inclusive atmosphere is vital for all students to flourish, she is dedicated to creating a community where every student feels valued and empowered to succeed.

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