Finance resources

We know that finance may be one of the biggest factors when making the decision about going to university; you can sharpen your skills with our budgeting calculator and interactive payslip, as well as becoming more familiar with the cost of living and managing your own finances.

Budgeting calculator

In this section you can learn all about student finance. Use our spreadsheet to help document and calculate your spending and complete the worksheet to put your knowledge to the test.

Download our university budgeting calculator 

Interactive Payslip

Our interactive payslip demonstrates just how affordable your student finance repayments are. Have a go at seeing just how much is deducted monthly in payments to the Student Loans Company with different wages, and compare these to how much you pay in tax and national insurance.

Budgeting activity

This is a budgeting activity specifically aimed at students in the beginning of their final year of school or college. How much do you think you will pay a week in food? How much is rent? This will test how much students really know about expenses at university and whether they need to reconsider their spending!

Download our budgeting activity

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