Talks and workshops

Our programme of talks and workshops cater for all learners, aiming to provide quality information, advice and guidance. Sessions are delivered at your institution at a time convenient for you.

Teaching in the Hive

Introduction to Higher Education

This inspiring talk introduces students to the world of higher education and can be tailored for specific year groups. It covers the benefits of studying at higher education level and how to effectively research different courses and universities in order to make informed decisions about the future.

Life as a university student

Hear our current students speak frankly about their journey into higher education. While each has their own personal story, our students will cover topics ranging from application tips to accommodation and answering the question of 'what do students do all day?

Study skills and revision techniques

This session can help introduce new study techniques and ‘revisions hacks’ in order to prepare for upcoming exams or just to aid general study. It aims to cover a wide range of topics including target setting, learning styles and how your environment can affect learning.

Employability skills

The university experience is about gaining more than academic knowledge. This workshop looks at the wider skills and experiences that can be gained through higher education and how these are valued by employers. It touches upon CV tailoring, the benefits of online platforms such as LinkedIn, how to find valuable work experience and can be tailored to focus on particular subject areas.

Writing your UCAS application and personal statement

The personal statement is a crucial part of the UCAS application process and is the key opportunity for students to highlight why they should be offered a place on the course they’re hoping to study. This topic can be delivered as a talk or a workshop. It includes an overview of the UCAS application process and provides useful advice, guidance and top tips on how to write the most effective personal statement.

Student finance

This presentation will talk you through the types of loans available, what and how much you might be eligible for, as well as how to apply for them and how repayments work. The presentation will also cover some additional information about extra sources of income, including grants, bursaries and scholarships, as well as some tips on managing your money effectively.

Interview and portfolio preparation

Too many students give all their time to writing their personal statement and underestimate the importance of an interview or portfolio in gaining a place at university. This will not only highlight the significance of these elements of the admission process but also give great advice on how best to prepare, and execute, an interview or portfolio review.

Choosing your course and university

With so many universities and courses on offer, it can be hard for students to choose their course and university. This talk covers the questions students should be asking themselves when researching universities to make sure they are able to make an informed choice.

Guidance from BCU Student Support team

We want to help you getting your students ready for university and part of that process is looking at the support they may need as part of their transition to university, as well as the support they may need whilst here. This talk from our Student Support team explains the support that may be available for students at BCU.

Guidance for parents and carers

When applying for university students will need to do their research but parents and carers may often have their own questions. This presentation unpacks the application cycle, highlighting key dates and deadlines, and provides top tips on ways to support their child during their studies all the way through to the day they go. Teachers and advisers can book this talk for events at their school or college.

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