Professor Trixie McAree

Professor of Midwifery and Maternal Health

School of Nursing and Midwifery
0121 331 9196

Trixie is a dual registered midwife and nurse with over 30 years’ experience both in the UK and abroad. She started her career as a staff nurse in Accident and Emergency, then undertook aid and development projects in Angola and Kazakhstan for several years before returning to the UK. Trixie has held posts that include research and audit lead, clinical governance lead, lead safeguarding midwife, consultant midwife and Head of Midwifery. She is currently Professor of Midwifery and Maternal Health in a joint academic post at Birmingham City University and Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Trixie has two passions that drive her research interests: first, to empower midwives to empower women, supporting midwives do the best job possible and so that they support women to make better choices for their own health and well-being needs, thus changing their own and their families’ health outcomes. The second is to affect long-term health outcomes around enhancing maternal and fetal well-being by tackling health inequalities and the factors associated with them by using translational research and implementation science.

Recently, she has undertaken an evaluation the A-EQUIP model for NHS England. In addition, she provides Continuity of Carer training to Maternity Units across England.

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