Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity

BCU's work with out Chancellor Sir Lenny Henry will increase diversity across the media.

The Centre produces independent research with the aim of boosting diversity across the media including journalism, acting, film, TV and radio, in both front-of-house and behind the scenes roles.

Based at Birmingham City University key figures at the Centre include Sir Lenny Henry, Marcus Ryder MBE, the Centre's head of external consultancies,  Marverine Duffy and Professor Diane Kemp, the Centre's Director, all leading figures in the efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in the UK media industry.

The Centre aims to critically analyse policies in the media industry with a view to increasing diversity and inclusion, improving policy decisions and spreading best practice.

Research carried out by the Centre has already made a major impact in informing policy changes by Channel 4’s ‘Black to Front’ project which sets out a commitment to increase opportunities for Black talent. 

The Centre founded on the belief that accurate representation across all sections of society in all layers of the UK media is vital for both the industry and the wider public. It also believes that these steps are crucial in ensuring a functioning democracy and enabling critical human rights issues, such as freedom of expression, to be truly implemented.

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