Primary and Early Years partnerships


We are always looking to connect with new schools or reconnect with institutions we have worked with in the past. We have a diverse range of associate teachers on the routes through PGCE Primary and the three years of the BAQTS (Hons) in Primary Education. There are many advantages in having an associate teacher on site including being able to grow and nurture our next generation of Early Career Teachers.  

School-Based Training Placement Opportunities

We value your support in training our associate teachers in 2023-24 and would like to continue the strong partnership we have with you. Please review the Primary and Early Years Placement Information Pack 2024-25 which details our Primary and Early Years courses. This also outlines the changes in mentoring, but please be reassured that we will be fully supporting our mentors with any additional training requirements including recognition of the existing mentor ways of working. 

If you would like to register your interest, please complete the Primary and Early Years Teacher Training - Placement Offers Form 2024-25 This link will take you to the Primary Education Placement offers form. 

Please note that once you have completed the Form you will be asked if you would like to “save the form for future changes” please select this option, as if you need to amend your offer this will remember all of the previous answers and allow you to just change what is needed rather than filling in the form again.

Contact us

For Placement enquiries, please contact the HELS Placements Team:


"Excellent communication with the school and super support provided for the students by the link tutor."
Kirstie Willis, Briar Hill Infant School

"We have worked with BCU for several years now and have had many student teachers in our school, all of which have been of a very high standard. We thoroughly enjoy watching them flourish in school and go on to be outstanding teachers." 
Emma Challiner, St John’s First School

"We have been working with BCU for the past four years training and supporting students on a range of courses. They have the highest of expectations of all students and are quick to respond and support those who may need extra help. Their professional, strategic approach, clear, organised paperwork and warm and open relationships all help us work together effectively to best support our teachers of the future." 
Debby Hughes, High Meadow Infant School, Coleshill

"Here at Stoke Primary School we have been hosting BCU students for a number of years. The staff at BCU are extremely helpful and there is always someone available at end of the phone / email to give us advice when needed. The tutors that come in to school are extremely supportive of both the students and the teachers that they are placed with. As a host school the work load in mentoring the students is very manageable making it a more rewarding experience." 
Paula McGuire, Stoke Primary School, Coventry

"Pearl Hyde Community Primary School has worked in partnership with BCU for a number of years and, through this work, has developed an extremely positive professional alliance. The communication between the organisations is effective, leading to relevant coaching from both the university and teachers in our setting to support and advise trainees with positive outcomes.

Liaison between the university tutor for all the placements and the school is exemplary, ensuring that all trainees are clear about what is expected. This relationship has enabled the school to make adaptations to placements in order to improve outcomes for trainees, supported by the university tutor. The process has also proved to be highly beneficial in the development of leadership and management skills in our setting. I would therefore highly recommend a partnership with BCU in the training of future teachers." 
Theresa O’Hara, Pearl Hyde Community Primary School

"The university has been supportive and responsive during the time students have been placed with us. They have speedily answered queries and questions and worked collaboratively with us to resolve any issues the students may have had." 
Jade Palmer, Charford First School, Bromsgrove