Secure Storage

Storing records at the Records Centre

We have a very limited amount of secure storage space available in our Records Centre for semi-current records which do not need to be accessed regularly. The Archives and Records Centre is located in Curzon Library (City Centre Campus).

Records will only be accepted by prior arrangement with the Records Management team.

0121 331 7636

Box types

Boxes should be in File Transfer size boxes - e.g. Lyreco 723.122 - size 362 x 127 x 254mm, or Banner 939 0005 - size 250 x 123 x 361mm.

Wherever possible records should be boxed with other records from the same series and year, and permanent records should not be boxed with those with limited retentions. This ensures subsequent review and disposal requires minimal manual intervention. Departments must keep a record of their box references and full details of the contents.

Labelling your boxes

Boxes for deposit in on-site storage should be labelled on one of the short ends (never the lid) with the following information:

Contact Department/Faculty (including section where appropriate), in full - in a form that will be recognised outside your business area.

Box reference no. – this should be unique to any boxes for your section, possibly incorporating the year, but not a sequence restarting each year.

Records series/content – the business process to which the records relate, for example ‘Staff Expenses’ – keep this very brief.  Full information on individual box content should be logged and retained by the creating or owning Department.

Creation date – the academic/financial/calendar year the content was created.

Date for review/disposal – the year and month in which the content should be disposed, in line with the University Records Retention Schedule. Disposal of specific boxes will be confirmed with the named contact or their successor before any records are destroyed.  A revised review date can be assigned at that point if necessary.

Contact Name – the staff member in the department which created the records who is responsible for approving future actions such as disposal or access.

Contact Role – as above.

Box label templates

Accessing your records

Access to documents housed in the Records Centre is via the Records Management Team. We can normally provide access to your records within one working day of your request. All issues of material are recorded to enable us to trace them when required.

Off site storage

The University is currently using Iron Mountain for secure storage of some administrative archiving.  Please contact us for further details and advice on using this off-site storage service.


Confidential Waste Disposal

The University has a single supplierRestore, for all confidential waste shredding. If you require high volume destruction of confidential waste please log a call with the Estates Helpdesk or call 0121 202 3000.