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Inter-Library Loans

Request information from other libraries.

Submit an Inter-Library Loan Request

The UK is now in lockdown, and regrettably this affects the availability of some of our services.

  • We will not be able to offer book or other physical item loans until further notice.
  • You can still apply for electronic documents, but please be aware that we may not be able to supply items where it would be necessary for another library to scan the document from a physical source.
  • Please be advised that we cannot obtain full eBooks via Inter-library Loan due to copyright restrictions. We may be able to obtain a single chapter from a book as an electronic document, or you may wish to submit a stock suggestion form instead

We recommend that you allow at least one week for document supply requests. If you submit a request with a short deadline, we will still apply for the item for you, but it is unlikely that we will be able to get it to you in time. Please plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

Please note that due to copyright restrictions we cannot supply more than one article from any one issue of a journal or more than one chapter from a book.

Click on the button below to submit your inter-library loan requests via our online form:

Submit an Inter-Library Loan Request

You may notice a change to our usual request form. If you are unsure how to complete it please contact us by email and we will help.

Take a look at our information below for more details about our current Inter-Library Loans service:

New requests:

Book loans (and other loanable print items)
  • We regret that this service is unavailable during lockdown. You may apply for a single chapter of a book, or comparable section of another type of publication as an electronic document request instead.
Electronic Document Supply
  • We will continue to supply journal articles and book chapters (one per publication) in electronic format, subject to availability.
  • Please note that we may not be able to supply documents that require scanning from a physical print source.
  • If supplied, we will deliver your requested document to your university email address.
  • Wherever possible, we will provide the document as an unrestricted PDF file attachment.
  • The British Library is also currently sending PDF files, so you need not worry about following separate guidance to access British Library supplied documents until further notice.
Printed copies of documents (Limited service)
  • If a paper copy is needed, please note that this service will only be possible if the British Library can supply the document to you directly by post.
  • Please add a note to your request specifying that you need a printed copy of the document. We will then contact you to obtain your permission to share your postal address with the British Library, who will supply the document to you directly, subject to availability.
  • Please be advised that this service will likely take longer than electronic delivery, and allow for an estimated two weeks for the document to be posted to you.
  • If the British Library are unable to supply, and another library has the document, we will instead send you an unrestricted PDF via email.
  • If the document is unavailable in any format we will let you know.

Existing requests:

Book Returns
  • Please keep hold of your Inter-Library Loans for now. Do not attempt to return them until further notice.
  • We will attempt to renew your loans during lockdown and advise you about your updated ‘return by’ dates. Regardless of the date provided, you should not attempt to return loans if it is not safe to do so.
  • In some cases, it may not be possible to renew loans if we are not given the go-ahead by the lending library. If this happens, from our perspective, we would simply ask that you return the item as soon as possible once lockdown restrictions have been lifted, and it is safe to do so, either in person, or by post. Please contact us if you have any concerns about this.


  • Library fines are not being charged until further notice, including for Inter-Library Loans, however you retain responsibility for the item while it is on loan to you, and may need to pay the replacement charge along with any administrative fees levied by the lending library if you lose or damage the item, so please look after it until you are able to return it to us.

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