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Submit an Inter-Library Loan Request

When something is not in stock from our collections, you can use our Inter-Library Loans service to request material from other libraries, including:

  • Print books for loan 
  • One copy of a chapter from a single book
  • One copy of an article from a journal issue

Click on the button below to submit an Inter-Library Loan request. You will need your library account details to login and access the form:

Submit an Inter-Library Loan Request

Take a look at the answers to the questions below for more information about our Inter-Library Loans service:

Who can use the Inter-Library Loans service?

If you are a current student or member of staff you can use our Inter-Library Loans service, but there is a limit to the number of requests you can submit at any one time:

Library userNumber of requests allowed at any one time
Undergraduate students 10
Postgraduate students 20
University staff 20

External borrowers, including other libraries, should email our Inter-Library Loans team to enquire about using our service. 


How do I submit an Inter-Library Loans request?

For books, book chapters and journal articles click on the button below to submit an Inter-Library Loan request. You will need your library account details to login and access the form.

Submit an Inter-Library Loan Request

To request a music set please email your request details to the Inter-Library Loans team.

Make sure that your library account is free of fines of £5.00 or more, existing Inter-Library Loan books that are overdue or any other blocks before you submit your requests.


How much do Inter-Library Loan requests cost?

There is no cost to pay when submitting Inter-Library Loan requests


How long does it take for an Inter-Library Loan request to arrive?

Journal articles and book chapters Four to seven working days
Books for loan Seven or more working days

When collecting items from either our Mary Seacole, School of Art or School of Jewellery libraries please allow for up to an extra 5 days while your item is transferred from the Curzon Library. Alternatively all items are available for collection from the Curzon Library.


How will I know when my Inter-Library Loan request is available?

We will send an email to your University email address with news of the availability of your Inter-Library Loan requests. Alternatively login to your library account and check the Inter-Library Loans tab.

How you collect or obtain your Inter-Library Loans, will depend on whether they are available in print, online or for reference only:

Books for loan Collect from a library helpdesk during staffed hours
Books for reference use Collect from a library helpdesk during staffed hours.

For reference use only in one of our libraries, on multiple occasions until the return by date. Reference use is a condition set by the library supplying the Inter-Library Loan.
Print journal articles or book chapters Collect from the library helpdesk during staffed hours or posted on request
Electronic journal articles or book chapters Delivered to your university email address

Visit our British Library Electronic Documents page for information about downloading electronic documents supplied by the British Library


How long can I keep an Inter-Library Loan request?

You can keep one copy of journal articles or book chapters for as long as you need them.

Books are generally available for a loan period which is set by the lending library and will be marked with a return by date. You can also check your library account for a book’s return by date.

Unless recalled early, please return on or before the return by date to any of our library helpdesks during staffed hours.

There is a library fine of 75p per day for overdue Inter-Library Loan books. You may also be charged for any costs to replace lost or damaged books, as well as any administrative fees charged by the lending library.


Can I renew an Inter-Library Loan book request?

We recommend that you always plan to finish using a book by the return by date as renewals are not always allowed by libraries suppling books as inter-library loans.

If you think that you need to renew a book please contact our Inter-Library Loans team on or preferably a few days before the return by date. If successful, your library account will be charged £4.50 for the renewal.

Under certain circumstances you may be able to request a free temporary extension of up to 3 working days. If you think that you need to request a temporary extension, please contact our Inter-Library Loans team.


How can I contact the Inter-Library Loans team?

If you need to contact the Inter-Library Loans team you can contact us from Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm by telephone or email at:

0121 331 5295

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