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Records management is the systematic management and control of records throughout their existence. Good records management ensures that the records we create at work are managed efficiently and effectively, from the moment they are created or received through to their eventual disposal.

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Policy and Guidance for records management, including retention schedules.

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The Records Management team support this through the development and implementation of policy and guidance. We also provide advice, support and training when required.

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Further Information

What is a record?

A record documents the activities we carry out at work in order to meet our obligations and achieve organisational goals.

Records provide reliable evidence and information.

We may create records, or receive them.

Records are the memory of the University.

Records may be in any format so long as they document an activity of the University, they therefore can include: paper and electronic documents; emails; presentations; photographs; audio and video recordings; maps and plans.

What is records management?

Practically, records management is a set of procedures and controls used to manage records. These procedures and controls encompass:

  • The creation of records
  • Organising and filing records
  • Maintaining records over time
  • Disposing of records appropriately once the University no longer requires them

Why is it necessary?

Good governance is underpinned by good records management. Effective management of records and documents is necessary to:

  • Support core business functions and decision making
  • Comply with legal and regulatory obligations
  • Contribute to the effective overall management of the organisation


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