Ensemble ConTempo Beijing and BCMG plus NEXT

Ensemble ConTempo Beijing and BCMG plus NEXT
Date and time
04 Oct 2023 (7:00pm - 8:00pm)

Recital Hall, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

200 Jennens Road, B4 7XR


£15 (£7.50)

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Ensemble ConTempo Beijing
NEXT Ensemble

Jia Guoping Whispers of a Gentle Wind for Banhu, Sheng, Pipa and Guzheng (2011)
Qin Wenchen Pipa words for Pipa Solo (2006)
Fang Quanzy Nong Hyon II for Erhu and Guzheng (2019)
Yan Haideng Jin Melodie for Sheng Solo (1960)
Traditional Gambol Water for Zheng Solo : Moonlit Night for Erhu Solo

Ensemble ConTempo Beijing
董颖/Dong Ying 笙/Sheng
兰维薇/Lan Weiwei 琵琶/Pipa
张佳康/Zhang Jiakang 筝/Zheng
胡瑜/Hu Yu 二胡/Erhu

Ensemble ConTempo Beijing

Established in May 2011, Ensemble ConTempo Beijing is the first contemporary ensemble in China, which combines Chinese traditional instruments and Western instruments. ECTB aims to boost Chinese contemporary music and promote exchanges between China and other countries. It discovers and connects fine composers and performers throughout the world. Through combining the Chinese and the Western, Chinese traditional culture are exemplified and the cultural merits of Chinese traditional instruments are also broadly understood and well-accepted.

Since its founding, ECTB has been invited to perform at many renowned festivals and venues, such as the Schleswig-Holstein Musikfestival in Germany, the XXXVII Music in Old Cracow Fastival in Poland, TONLAGEN 2012 - the Dresden festival of contemporary music in Germany, and the Tongyeong International Music Festival 2013 in Korea. Some of the concerts of ECTB were broadcasted on Deutschland Rundfunk and the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR). The ensemble has performed over 80 new works, out of which there were 27 world premières.

成立于2011 年5 月,是中国第一支集中西乐器为一体 的当代室内乐团。乐团以推动中国现代音乐发展、推介 中国现代音乐创作、提升中国现代音乐演奏水准、促进 中国与国外现代音乐文化交流为宗旨,以不断发掘与培 养中国新音乐创作及演奏人才为己任,志在成为中国和 世界作曲家、演奏家紧密联系的纽带。同时,乐团编 纳入中国乐器,其本身所具有的传统文化积淀也得以在 “现代音乐”的全球语境中得以进一步展现,中国传统 器乐的文化价值与艺术高度也将在全球范围内获得更深 入的理解、反思、重视与重现。

北京现代室内乐团已受邀在德国石荷州音乐节、波兰克 拉科夫老城音乐节、德累斯顿当代音乐节、韩国统营国 际音乐节、新加坡鼎艺华乐室内乐节等国际性音乐节举 办专场音乐会,受到极大的肯定与关注,德意志广播电 台及北德电台均曾对北京现代室内乐团进行了专题报导 并在节目中完整播放了专场音乐会实况录音。成立迄今, 北京现代室内乐团已公演作品80 余部,大部分为中国首 演或中国演奏家首演,其中更包括27 部世界首演作品。