How to perform a great audition

Tops Tips on how to perform a great audition

Take a look at the following nine videos featuring our Acting students and their top personal advice for a great audition.


Choosing a speech

Learn how to pick the best speech for your audition with our student Marc’s advice. In this video Marc tells us what to consider when picking out an attention grabbing audition speech and how to steer away from the frequently used pieces. 


Visualising your audition

Learn how to visualise your audition with our student Daniel in this episode of BSA Audition Tips. In this video Daniel tells us how to change components of an audition and the best ways to keep your panel engaged and not bored during your performance. 


The importance of purpose

Auditioning with conviction can be the key of you success! Check out what our student Chantelle has to say about it. Whether you're at the start or end of your audition remember to stay in your character to create and keep that suspense!


Focusing on what matters

Thinking too much can be a problem for your audition! Hear what our student Niamh has to say about focus. Remember that the important thing is to remain in your character throughout! Niamh also tells us how to not get distracted or put off by other people at your audition


Keeping it real

Our student Rianna shares her advice about choosing the right character for your audition. In this video you can hear more from Rianna about how to find a character for your audition that best matches your own personality, and that the important thing is keeping it real to you.


Using the nerves in your favour

Our student Khalid talks about using tension as an advantage during your audition. Everyone gets nervous during important auditions but that shouldn't work against you! Putting all of your adrenaline into your performance will help to bring your character to life.


The one thing you can’t forget

Make sure you don’t forget to do this before your audition day! It can change everything, according to our student Zain. It's something that you normally do without being reminded, but on the day of an audition the stress can make you forget to do it!


Background preparation

Being prepared goes way beyond knowing only your monologue, and our student Vivian will tell you why. It's hard to relate to a character in a monologue if you don't know its context, so make sure you've read the whole play so you can get to know not only your character, but everyone else involved.


Keep calm and…

Excessive worrying can affect your audition, so stay calm and hear our student Georgia’s advice. Be passionate about your role and the panel will be able to see it! Remember to relax, take a deep breath and enjoy.