Uploading Videos to YouTube

As part of your audition to Royal Birmingham Conservatoire you will be required to send in an initial audition recording as an unlisted YouTube link.

The YouTube platform is available in most countries as video distribution service, with the functions to easily share videos, whilst keeping them private. The Scope of this guide is to educate you on how to create a YouTube channel and upload a video to it that can then be accessed and assessed for the purpose of your audition.

Before you start please ensure that you have read the audition guidance. Please also note that your audition recording should not exceed 6 minutes.

Creating a channel

If you do not already have a YouTube channel, or would like to create a separate one for audition purposes, go to YouTube and on the top right corner click sign in.

You will then be directed to a login screen. To the left of the next button there is the option to create an account. Select create account then choose ‘for myself’ from the option list.

In the next screen, fill in the form and select next or create a new Gmail address for the new account. After creating a new account, you will need to sign in. Go back to the sign in screen and enter in the details that you signed up with.

Verifying a channel

If you are uploading a video of over 15 Minutes you will need to verify your account. Failure to do this before uploading will result in YouTube refusing to process the video. Please note that this should not apply to you as your initial recording should not exceed 6 minutes.

To verify an account, you will need to sign in, then go to YouTube's verify page. Enter your phone number then follow the instructions on screen. After verification is complete you can upload your video.

Uploading a video

  • After you have signed in, on the top right corner click on the camera icon and select upload video.
  • You may be presented with the option to use your name on the account or a custom name for the channel. Choose one and continue. Fill in the next form or choose to skip to later.
  • Click upload video and you will be directed to a page that will allow you to select the video file of your choice.
  • Click the select files button and navigate to the video file you wish to upload and select it.
  • Fill in the details form for the video and click next.
  • Add any video elements that you want, then click next.
  • We recommend that you choose 'unlisted' when uploading for assessment, as it limits visibility to only those with the link to the video. After the piece has been graded you can then change the visibility to however you please.
  • Click save.
  • Keep the browser tab open while the video uploads, if you navigate away from the tab, the upload will stop and you will have to start the upload process again.
  • After the upload is complete, YouTube will need to process the video. You can now navigate away from this page.
  • After the video is processed you can copy its link by clicking on the options button of the video and selecting 'get shareable link'.
  • Send the link to whomever needs to see your video.