We use our major performance venues for a wide range of student concerts, performance classes, workshops and masterclasses, so you will have the opportunity to perform regularly in professional standard venues.

Our own varied concert programme integrates with series promoted by external organisations such as Jazzlines and Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra to provide a rich and diverse schedule of concerts and events throughout the year.

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Recital Hall

The Recital Hall is a flexible, modern performance space with adjustable acoustics. Well-suited to solo and chamber music performance, it can also accommodate performance with live electronics due to its highly sophisticated multi-channel sound system, which allows performers complete control over amplified sound within the entire performance space. The Recital Hall was the first concert venue in the UK with a permanent system of this kind.

Arena Foyer

A flexible, multi-use space, the Arena Foyer has an audience capacity of 100 and can be used for a variety of concerts and events. A tall space, with unusually resonant acoustics for a room of its size, it includes a small gallery approached by stairs on each side, which can be used inventively in performances.

New Lecture Theatre

Doubling as a lecture theatre & small-scale performance venue, this completely flexible, flat space uses individual seats, which allows real creativity in how the room can be laid out.  It can accommodate 140 people in a traditional audience layout and is also an excellent venue for conferences and larger meetings, as well as boasting enough space for a full symphony orchestra rehearsal.