Visiting our libraries

Late return charges

To improve the availability of library stock for everyone we charge fines when items are not returned or renewed on time. The amount charged depends on the length of time the item can be loaned for.

Charges apply throughout the year. The maximum charge on any one item is £10 per transaction. You'll temporarily lose your borrowing rights if items are not returned after 28 days.

Non-returned/lost/damaged items

In the following cases we'll request that an item is either replaced or the replacement cost is paid for in full:

  • The item is 28 days past its return date
  • The item has been lost
  • The item is damaged beyond repair
  • The item is returned with a part missing e.g. book without a disc.

How to pay

Library fines can be paid:

1At any library Help Desks
2Via iCity ePayment 

If the charge is £1 and over.

3Phone: 0121 331 5282

Available during staffed hours.


If a request for payment is not acted upon, it may become a University debt and be passed on to the Finance Department, which may result in legal proceedings.