Review of JISC Repositories and Preservation Programme

JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee). Higher Education/Technology

Evidence Base undertook an evaluation of the programme management and related processes for the JISC Repositories and Preservation Programme.

As the programme was drawing to its end, the aim was to capture lessons learned and to gain insights into improvements that could be made in future programmes. The Repositories and Preservation Programme had sought to implement the Managing Successful Programmes framework developed by the Office of Government Compliance.

JISC was keen to discover the extent to which MSP had been successfully implemented in the programme, in addition to assessing other related processes in the programme, including: communication, evaluation and synthesis. To achieve this programme processes and documentation were analysed and a number of semi structured interviews with a selection of relevant stakeholders and programme staff were conducted.

The project resulted in a number of recommendations for improvement which were implemented in future programmes.


Assessment of the approach and maturity of the programme management processes employed and where improvements could be made.