Psychology Staff

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  • Sophia Kauser

    Assistant Lecturer

    Sophia Kauser graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology at Birmingham City University and went on to study a PhD in Psychology. Sophia’s PhD explores the current psycho-social challenges, health, and wellbeing in adults with Cystic Fibrosis.

  • Dr Natalie Kelly

    Lecturer in Psychology; Co-Course Director, MSc Psychology

    Natalie's  research focuses on visual perception and attention, and how such processes are affected by factors such as healthy ageing and atypical neurological development (ASD, ADHD).

  • Lauren Kelly

    Lecturer in Psychology

    Dr Lauren Kelly is experienced in teaching a range of undergraduate and postgraduate psychology modules. Her favourite areas are cognition and psychopathology.

  • Dr Rebecca Keyte

    Lecturer in Health Psychology; Deputy Course Lead (BSc Psychology with Criminology and with Sociology).

    Being an academic allows Rebecca to follow her passion for research alongside enthusing the next generation of undergraduates with a love for Psychology!

  • Dr Marisa Kolovos

    Lecturer, Level 4 Year Tutor BSc Psychology

    Dr Marisa Kolovos is a Social Psychologist with a primary research interest in cultural identity and the functioning of cultural groups. She completed her PhD on intergroup tolerance at Canterbury University. Prior to joining Birmingham City University in 2019, she worked as Head of Student Services.

  • Dr Rosa Kwok


    Dr Rosa Kwok is a cognitive developmental psychologist with particular interests in typical and atypical language development in dual language learners.

  • Theresa Lynch

    Assistant Lecturer in Counselling

    Theresa enjoys seeing people develop and change through learning and personal development. She views counselling as a challenging, but also a very rewarding training process. Theresa is interested by the learning of human development and counselling approaches in challenging personal beliefs and values, but also enjoys the...

  • Dr Nadia Maalin


    Nadia Maalin's  research focuses on perceptions of body size and shape using computer-generated imagery and 3D scanning technology.

  • Dr Michael Mantzios

    Professor of Applied and Experimental Psychology

    Michael is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, leading initiatives to improve students’ wellbeing, and aims to enhance student academic and employment prospects. Apart from his passion for utilising evidence-based practices in Higher Education, he is also working on research projects related to obesity, eating...

  • Dr Mariel Marcano-Olivier

    Lecturer in Psychology

    Dr Mariel Marcano-Olivier is a passionate Social and Health Psychologist, with research expertise in assessing the personality correlates of dangerous patterns of consumption behaviour (illicit drugs and food-related), and developing and evaluating interventions to promote healthful consumption behaviour in primary school...

71 items found, viewing items 41 to 50.