Why Rachael chose to study Psychology at BCU

Thinking about joining us at BCU to study social sciences later this year and wondering what it’s going to be like?

Psychology student Rachael shares her experience so far, including how her lecturers made her feel at home, planning events for the School of Social Sciences, and working with the British Psychological Society.

How have you found university life so far?

Coming to university has been one of the best decisions I have made; I am currently in my second year of studying single honours psychology. I've enjoyed my course so much, and it keeps me on my toes with the wide variety of modules such as parapsychology and research methods. These modules aren't only fun, but they help me prepare for my future career.

What made you choose the course?

The main reason was the variety of modules available. For example, last semester, I chose two optional modules from eight options. My end goal is to be a clinical psychologist, and I can tailor this degree to prepare me for it. I get to do modules such as health psychology, stress and disease, and my dissertation. In the dissertation module, I get to pick any topic to research.

Another reason I chose this course was the lecturers. They are all so friendly, helpful, and made me feel so welcome. If I need anything, they are so supportive and quickly get back to me. If they see me on campus, they will stop for a chat—they're all fantastic.

One strength of the course is the facilities.  All the psychology students get access to a computer lab. It's a room with a pin code to enter, and it's a great place to study. If I'm on campus without anything timetabled, I'll be in that room. We also have a lot of rooms to use for research, such as eye-tracking technology. We get to use these for our dissertation if needed.

The placement opportunities were an additional reason I chose this course. The University has a careers team and specific advisors specialising in our subject areas. They have helped me so much in making my CV professional. They send out emails with all the placements offered through the University and give us so many options. They also offer a clinical placement to which I'm looking forward to applying for.

How would you describe the community in the School of Social Sciences?

I think the community is fantastic. I'm a school representative for combined psychology, so I get to help plan events such as study sessions, yoga classes and games nights. It's incredible to see how dedicated they are to making this experience the best it can be. I'm also in many group chats, and if anyone ever has a question, they immediately have multiple people replying to help them out.

Did you find it easy to settle in when you first started?

Yes, I did. The University did fresher’s week online when I started, but I still found it helpful. We were put into groups for the first week to do a very daunting presentation, but I worked amazingly well with my team. I still speak to them all today. It helped to push me out of my comfort zone and make friends.

Have you joined any clubs or societies?

I have tried to take on an active role in my university, which has led me to become my course representative last year and the psychology society sectary which I find very rewarding.

What has been the most rewarding project you have worked on?

Working with the British Psychological Society (BPS) was the most rewarding. As a part of the psychological society, we met with the head of the West Midlands branch. He wanted to start working with us on various events to prepare us for becoming psychologists.

It was a fantastic opportunity to meet him. He even stayed for longer to meet the rest of the society members. He has already worked with the University to put on events relating to clinical psychology. It has already been so beneficial, so I'm looking forward to where this will go in the future.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of studying at BCU?

Seize every opportunity. BCU offers so many possibilities, from volunteering to paid jobs to societies. Using these opportunities to benefit you and your experience will make your time spent at BCU so much better.

I have gotten involved in so many groups offered through BCU. I'm secretary for the psychology society, I'm school representative for combined psychology, I'm an international student buddy, and I've done a lot more too. It has not only made my experience more exciting but also helped me to develop my CV. Being ready for the world of work is one of the things I think is essential to university.

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