Psychology Staff

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  • Dr Josephine Cornell


    Dr Josephine Cornell is a Lecturer in Psychology. Before arriving at BCU in January 2022, she worked in South Africa. Josephine completed her PhD in social psychology at the University of Cape Town in 2021.

  • Dr Emily Coyne-Umfreville

    Deputy Head of Psychology

    Emily is a Senior Lecturer in Developmental and Educational Psychology. Emily’s doctoral thesis was entitled “Capturing Reading Strategies in Young children.”

  • Professor Leam Craig

    Visiting Professor of Clinical Forensic Psychology

    Professor Leam Craig   is a Consultant Forensic & Clinical Psychologist and Partner at Forensic Psychology Practice Ltd.    He is a Chartered and dual Registered Forensic & Clinical Psychologist.  

  • Dr Jessica Diaz

    Lecturer in Psychology

    Jessica is a lecturer in Psychology with a particular interest in cognitive neuroscience, focusing on human perceptual learning and neural plasticity, decision-making, and cognitive development. She also has an interest in how the brain processes numerical information and how this could link to dyscalculia. Jessica...

  • Dr Tanisha Douglas

    Assistant Lecturer in Psychology

    Dr Tanisha Douglas is an expert in behavioural psychology, specialising in exploring how people cope with stressful experiences and the impact of these approaches on mental and physical health. After completing her PhD at Swansea University, Tanisha trained as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner in Reading, where she...

  • Dr Deborah Earnshaw

    Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Course Lead for BSc (Hons) Psychology

    Dr Deborah Earnshaw  has been a lecturer in Psychology with BCU since December 2017, and taught at the University of Derby both on-campus and online during her postgraduate degrees.

  • Dr Helen Egan

    Reader in Health Psychology

    Helen  gained her PhD in Health Psychology, became a Research Fellow in Mental Health and then worked in the NHS before coming to BCU in 2011.

  • Dr Richard Fereday

    Lecturer in Psychology

    D r Richard Fereday  was motivated to become an academic as a means of explaining the diversity of human behaviour . To this end, he studied psychology in order to understand the mental processes that underlie overt behaviour .

  • Dr Olga Fotakopoulou

    Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

    Olga is a developmental psychologist and is interested in human development from birth to adolescence with a special interest in socio-cognitive, emotional and pro-social development. She has worked as a researcher of children’s development since 2004 and as a counsellor in various educational and clinical settings.

  • Dr Silvia Fraga Dominguez

    Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

    Dr  Silvia Fraga Dominguez decided to pursue academia because she wants to conduct research that can have a positive impact and enjoys sharing the most up-to-date research findings with students.

75 items found, viewing items 21 to 30.