The Complete Theoretical Works of Johannes Tinctoris: A New Digital Edition

Funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council 2011-2014

Prof Ronald Woodley: Principal Investigator
Dr Jeffrey J. Dean: Senior Researcher
David Lewis: Researcher
Christian Goursaud: PhD Student

The corpus of 12 Latin treatises by the 15th-century musician and theorist Johannes Tinctoris (c. 1435–1511) is widely acknowledged as one of the most significant and comprehensive sources for late medieval musical notation and compositional process, as well as a central focus for important recent research on musical aesthetics and reception at this crucial turning-point in western European culture.

This project will complete a new online, open-access edition of the whole corpus of Tinctoris’s writings. The completed resource will greatly enlarge both the scope and accessibility of Tinctoris’s work: full English translations are being provided in addition to the Latin texts. In many cases, these translations are the first-ever made, which will further enable the detailed significance of the writings to be appreciated and explored by both scholarly readers and performance-based musicians in the early music community beyond academia.

Multiple layers of hyperlinked commentary material, including facsimiles of the main manuscript sources are also being provided, covering a wide range of technical, historical and critical issues arising from both the texts themselves and the wider context of Tinctoris’s life and the musical environment of early Renaissance Europe. Combining the highest levels of historical, textual and critical scholarship with innovative technological presentation, this open-access edition explores innovative methods of relating text-based materials to the numerous, often complex, music examples which punctuate the treatises.

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This project produced a new online, open-access edition of the whole corpus of Tinctoris’s writings.