RRO: Chopin and Skempton

RRO: Chopin and Skempton

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Date and time
28 Mar 2024 (7:00pm - 9:00pm)

CBSO Centre


under 18, student

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Wiktoria Ćwik leaning on the piano

Romantic Revival Orchestra
Conductors Leo Jaffrey, Howard Skempton*

Skempton Lento*
Nocturne No.2 (orch. V.Motta)
Nocturne No.20 (orch. V.Motta)
Piano Concerto No.1

The RRO is a newly formed orchestra, consisting of mostly current RBC students, and run entirely by RBC students, with support from staff and tutors.

Its focus is on romantic repertoire, alongside new and contemporary tonal compositions and is intended to be, in part, a platform for composers to express their emotions in a colourfully tonal and refreshing way.

The RRO was founded with a purpose in mind: to revive romantic music in the wider classical genre, in a relevant and modern style hence, Romantic-Revival. It isn't about eliminating the experimental, atonal or similar works, but rather about giving new, romantic music a voice alongside that.

Accessible music for all, brought to you by the young musicians of tomorrow.

Running time approx. two hours including 30 minute interval

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