Staff and Facilities

BSA Staff and Facilities

Here, you can see a list of key staff from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire's Acting department.

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Acting has a management team made up of senior academic staff and professional services managers. The faculty executive body oversees the school management team.

Course Directors are responsible for the delivery of each course with the Academic Administration Managers responsible for the quality assurance and regulations of assessments.

RBC Acting has a number of specialist departments including Acting, Voice, Singing, Movement and Production which are led by individual Heads of Department.

Meet our Staff

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A-Z tutor list



Prof. Stephen Simms: Head of Acting, Director
Danièle SandersonHead of Undergraduate Studies (Acting) and Course Director - BA Acting
Lise Olson: Course Director - MA/PgDip Acting, Director
Alex Taylor: Head of Postgraduate Studies - Acting and Course Director - MA/PgDip Professional Voice Practice and MFA Acting
Robert Miles: Course Director, Foundation Course in Acting 
Dr Paola Botham: Tutor
Louise Papillon: Acting & Physical Skills Tutor, Director and Librarian
Andrew Potter: Acting Tutor, Director
Clifford MilnerSenior Acting Tutor Recorded Media, Director
Dr Gareth Somers: Lecturer

Visiting Acting Tutors

Rod Dungate: Acting Tutor
John Partridge: Acting Tutor


Rob Miles: Head of Singing
Iain Jackson: Resident Accompanist

Visiting Singing Tutors

SJ Bourne: Singing Tutor
Kerry Hodgkin: Singing Tutor
Aimée Whatson: Singing Tutor
Richard Hughes
Angela Moran: Accompanist
Joe Robinson: Accompanist, M/D, Ensemble Singing Tutor
Ben Wiles: Accompanist, M/D, Singing Tutor


Alex Taylor: MA Professional Voice Practice Course Director, Head of Voice
Simon Ratcliffe: Voice Tutor

Visiting Voice Tutors

Phyllida Furse: Voice Tutor
Lottie Williams-Burrell
Voice Tutor

Physical Skills

Polly Hudson: Head of Movement

Visiting Physical Skills Tutors

Verity Bray: Movement Tutor
Roger Bartlett: Stage Combat Tutor
Maria Blundell-Palethorpe: Movement Tutor
Colin Lang: Movement Tutor
Dave McKenna: Movement Tutor
Ruth Jacombs
Pauline Wetherell
Claire Corfield: Yoga

Performance Research

Aleksandar Dundjerovic: Professor in Performing Arts

Recorded Media

Clifford MilnerDirector, Screen Acting and Acting for the Microphone Tutor

Visiting Tutors

Nicholas Prosser
James Larkin
Lyndall Grant (Perf Capture)
Michael Baig-Clifford

Rosemary Watts
Peter L Wild
Julie Beckett
Sean Connolly

Voice Over
David Hodge
Kate Harbour

Applied Theatre

Peter Wynne-Willson: Head of Course
Dr Paola Botham: Contextual Studies Tutor
Simon Ratcliffe: Voice Tutor
Terina Talbot: Workshop Facilitation, Personal Tutor
Bobby Colvill

Visiting Tutors

Stephanie Dale: New Writing
Mollie Guilfoyle: Community Arts
Movement Tutor
Françoise Walot: Voice Tutor
Pippa Frith: Professional Practice & Administration
Gladstone Wilson: Singing Tutor

Stage Management

Jacqui Findlay: BA Stage Management Course Director
Louise Turner: Lecturer
Helen Maynard:

Visiting Tutors

Hollie Wright: Production Design
Nikki French: Practical Stage Management and Professional Development
Danny Warboys: Technical Theatre
Highly Sprung Performance Company: Final Major Project

Production Staff

Jacqui Findlay: Production Manager
Louise Turner: Staff Stage Manager
Helen Maynard: Staff Stage Manager
Anna Nee: Production Assistant
Emma Thompson: Scenic Designer
Michelle Shaw: Head of Costume
Dan Raven: Head of Props
Joanne Marshall: Theatre Technician

Visiting Directors have included:

Specialist Lecturers include: