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Media (Radio and TV)

Students in Media TV studioCourse description

If you're interested in the world of television, radio and multi-platform journalism, our state-of-the-art media suite provides the perfect setting to learn more about them.

This course will not only give you insights from specialist tutors into how the broadcast media work, it will also give you the chance to get lots of hands-on experience using industry-standard radio and TV equipment and studios.

We will take you through all the stages of production, to the point where you will create your own news stories and items for broadcast.

What will you study?

Week 1
Getting to grips with news and broadcasting

You'll be given a full introduction to key skills in radio and television production, including using studios and portable kit. You'll also learn the basic skills of journalism - finding your story, spotting your angle and what stories work best in which formats.

Week 2
Getting to work

Working in small groups, you'll have a chance to improve your skills in newsgathering, writing, interviewing and editing, as you develop your own ideas for programme items and news stories.

Week 3
Getting on air

In we will build on all you have learned in weeks one and two, as you put together your own radio and television programmes and news output.

Additional Information

Academic Status: 15 credits (7.5 ECTS / 3 US credits)
Faculty: Arts, Design and Media 
Dates:  23 July-10 August 2018 (three weeks)
Venue: City Centre Campus (Parkside Building)
English language requirement: IELTS 5.5 or equivalent*
Academic pre-requisites: Level 3 or equivalent
Fee: £2,200

*Students who are unable to demonstrate the required competence in the English language welcome to attend the programme on a non-credit bearing basis. Upon successful completion of will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.