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International Business Law

Student at workCourse Aims

This course introduces you to key areas of international business law including commercial trade, intellectual property law and dispute resolution. You will study the fundamentals of each within the context of conducting international business transactions to suggest appropriate legal solutions.

What will you study?

Week 1

 You will study the fundamentals of international commercial and intellectual property law and apply these to practical scenarios involving disputes that can arise in international business transactions.

Week 2

 You will look more deeply at alternative dispute resolution as a means of resolving disputes in international business transactions, you will specifically look at how to use negotiation in resolving an intellectual property dispute.

Week 3

 You will examine mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution and how this works within the context of solving legal disputes in business. Finally, you will learn why arbitration is a globally recognised form of legal dispute resolution in business.

Additional information

Academic Status: 15 credits (7.5 ECTS / 3 US credits)
Faculty: Business, Law and Social Sciences
Dates:  23 July-10 August 2018 (three weeks)
Venue: City Centre Campus (The Curzon Building)
English language requirement: IELTS 5.5 or equivalent*
Academic Pre-requisites: Level 3 or equivalent
Fee: £2,200

*Students who are unable to demonstrate the required competence in the English language welcome to attend the programme on a non-credit bearing basis. Upon successful completion of will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.