Assessment only courses

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Assessment only courses If you're already an experienced teacher with a degree but you don't have qualified teacher status (QTS), you may not have to do any further training. The Assessment Only (AO) route to QTS allows you to demonstrate that you already meet all the Teachers' Standards and can therefore be awarded QTS. It does not include any training and is only suitable if you are currently working as an unqualified teacher.

Entry requirements

In line with the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) requirements, those wishing to apply for the Assessment Only route will be expected to be working in a school and have the support of the school in the assessment process. You will have a minimum of two years teaching experience and have taught in at least two different schools.

In addition they must have the following:

Professional Skills Tests

All candidates are required to have passed the Professional (QTS) Skills Tests in Literacy and Numeracy before they can be considered for the Assessment Only route. Further information is available from the Department for Education.

GCSE requirement

All candidates have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade C in the GCSE examinations in English and mathematics, and that all who are assessed in settings that include pupils aged 3-11 additionally have achieved a standard equivalent to a grade C in the GCSE examination in a science subject.

Degree requirement

All candidates hold a first degree of a United Kingdom higher education institution or equivalent qualification.

Eligibility requirements

That, prior to acceptance for assessment, all candidates have:

  • taken part in an interview designed to assess their suitability to teach.
  • been subject to a Disclosure and Barring Service (CRB) enhanced disclosure check and/or any other appropriate background checks.
Initial assessment requirement

All candidates are initially assessed to confirm that they:

a) have the intellectual and academic capabilities needed to meet the required QTS standards;

b) possess the appropriate qualities, attitudes and values expected of a teacher;

c) can read effectively and are able to communicate clearly and accurately in Standard English;

d) have met the Secretary of State’s requirements for health and physical capacity to teach.


1. Initial contact and preliminary assessment to identify whether or not the candidate is suitable to be registered with the NCLT. This involves meeting with the school and the candidate.

2. Registration and Assessment against standards for QTS - to be undertaken over three months from the initial registration. This involves registering the candidate with NCLT and co-ordinating the assessment of the applicant against the standards, in liaison with school(s) involved with applicant.


  • £750 for the initial contact and preliminary assessment
  • £1,750 for registration and assessment against Standards for QTS

More information

For more information contact our Pre-Entry Enquiries Team online by using the Course Enquiry Form or by calling +44 (0)121 331 5595.