Musicianship Electives

African Drumming

Alongside East African amadinda xylophone music, students can take Djembe instruction from Gambian Master-drummer Alagi Sillah.

Folk Music

Run on an elective basis, the Conservatoire Folk Ensemble has become an enviable addition to our range of performing ensembles. Currently around 65 members strong, the Ensemble performs a mixture of original folk-based music and traditional tunes specially arranged for the group under the direction of Joe Broughton. The Ensemble undertakes a short UK tour every spring, occasionally working with guest artists. In 2017, the Folk Ensemble celebrated its 20th anniversary with its first studio album.

Gamelan Ensemble

Gamelan is one of the most co-operative musical systems in the world. The Conservatoire owns a very fine Central Javanese bronze gamelan with additional Balinese instruments.

Gospel Choir

Directed by Peter Daley, this dynamic and eclectic choir performs traditional and newly composed gospel music and has been featured on BBC Radio 3.

Raga Sangeet

Focusing on North Indian music, the Conservatoire’s excellent provision includes specialised instruction as a second study as well as in performing ragas on Western instruments.

Samba and Brazilian Rhythm

ESP (Escola de Samba Paradiso), a percussion bateria led by Louise Smart, rehearses every week, and has played at carnivals and street festivals all over the West Midlands.