Musicianship Electives

Alexander Technique:

Enhancing Practice and Performance

We are committed to supporting your progress at the Conservatoire through the Alexander Technique. By bringing about an improvement in balance and co-ordination, the Technique offers a practical means for personal change. Through a series of classes and individual lessons run by Alison Loram and Roy Thompson, you'll be provided with a firm grounding in the principles of the Technique and how to apply them to your practice and performance and many other aspects of your everyday life.

Find out about how classes and lessons in the Alexander Technique can help improve vocal and instrumental skills and prevent or address problems of performance.

Movement and relaxation

To support your general health as a musician, we also offer an active, practical movement and relaxation class that covers all aspects of movement and mobility. Relevant to players, singers and even composers, the class provides training in how to use the whole body more efficiently. The content of the weekly sessions varies according to students’ needs; some come with a specific problem, while others attend as a preventative measure.

As well as providing a basic introduction to anatomy for musicians, classes typically combine stretching, breathing techniques, Feldenkrais and practical massage techniques for problem areas such as the wrists and the neck. The class will encourage and help you to focus on how you move your body and occasionally incorporates work with instruments.

Movement and relaxation classes, delivered by Trudi Brass, are available, to all students on a regular, occasional, drop-in or private basis and can be taken as an elective.

Performance coaching

The Conservatoire was the first in the UK to introduce a Performance coaching programme based on sport psychology and the mental regimes it embraces.