Health and wellbeing

The Alexander Technique provides a practical means for personal change by bringing about an improvement in your balance and co-ordination.

Through this improvement you can begin to see that there is a connection between your thoughts and perceptions and how well you perform any given activity, including playing a musical instrument or singing. Incorrect perceptions and negative thoughts can result in increased muscular activity which distorts your physical framework (pulls you out of shape) and impairs the functioning of your entire system.

A wide variety of problems can develop in the short or the long term, including:

  •  Reduction in facility and endurance in playing/performing
  •  Loss of old skills, difficulty in acquiring new ones
  •  Discomfort, pain and increased risk of professional-limiting injury
  •  Feelings of anxiety, depression, inadequacy and lack of confidence
  •  Inability to think clearly or pay attention/concentrate.

Through the Technique, you can learn not to pull yourself out of shape, and to change the thoughts and reactions which prevent you from developing and realising your full potential. There are opportunities during the classes to improve both the ergonomic aspects of playing your instrument or singing and how you approach practice and performance. Students can also address many other everyday and/or personal issues through the Alexander Technique.

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