Professional Development

Your development as an individual musician is of vital importance. So, in addition to providing you with the best combination of one-to-one training, masterclasses and coaching, professional development is embedded into each one of our courses to offer you both personalised advice and significant scope to discover and develop your own artistic direction.

Career Planning

Embedded into all core modules, Personal Development Planning (PDP) focuses on increasing your self-awareness as a musician.

Not only will you cover topics relevant to all musicians, ranging from practical advice on tax to CV writing, but you will also explore issues specific to your own development, such as time management and your personal learning style.

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Tailor Your Study

Whatever your course and specialism, you’ll be able to tailor your study to suit your own musical and professional aspirations.

You will have access to a wide range of musicianship electives (see the categories below) to supplement your core study, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of study abroad and to pursue paid professional work through our external engagements programme.

A variety of professional schemes is available to help you in the final stages of your transition from student to professional. As well as the many performance opportunities we offer, there will also be opportunities to gain an understanding of the recording process during your time here.

Our exceptionally wide range of 'Musicianship Electives' can help to enhance your core skills, support your development, and broaden your musical knowledge:

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