Staff and student work


Amber Priestley
21000 miles of searching

Howard Skempton (staff)

Michael Wolters & Seán Clancy (staff)

Seán Clancy (staff)
Inventions & Canons

Bobbie-Jane Gardner
Up on the toes (the slippery stair dance)

Seán Clancy (staff) 
Eleven Lines of Music Slow Down and Eventually Stop 

Andrew Hamilton (staff)
Music for people who like art 

Marcus Rock (BMus)
Death Drive 

Yfat Soul Zisso (MMus and PhD)
Hi Sam

Niranjan Samuel Barba (BMus)
She wins [film soundtrack]

Michael Wolters (staff)
There are more of them than us - A Queer Concerto for Nine Saxophones and Orchestra

Joe Cutler (staff)
For Frederic Lagnau

Seán Clancy (staff)
Fourteen Minutes of Music on The Subject of Greeting Cards

Ed Bennett (staff)
Song of the Books

Oliver Hayne (BMus)
Pretty Ugly

Michele Deiana (MMus)

Jimena Maldonado (PhD)

Dani Blanco Albert, Roxanna Korda, Tadas Stalyga (all PhD)
The Flowering Desert: Measurer

Benjamin Tassie (PhD)
Solo for Computer and Tape

Victoria Benito
Softer Than Something That’s Really Soft

Zygmund De Somogyi (MMus)
"Terminals" [Technoir Session]

James Abel (BMus)

Student stories: Victoria Benito Rodriguez

Victoria Benito Rodriguez is a current PhD student at RBC with an album out on Birmingham Record Company.

Student stories: Zygmund De Somogyi

Zygmund De Somogyi is organiser of Prxludes online interviews with young composers.