CODA 2023: Day 4

CODA 2023: Day 4

CODA 2023

Date and time
15 Jun 2023 (1:00pm - 8:30pm)

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

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Booking Information

Wheelchair users are entitled to concessionary priced tickets with a complimentary companion seat.

Guide dogs are welcome at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire venues. If you wish to bring a guide dog or wheelchair, please let the Events Office know by calling 0121 331 5909.


Singer/Songwriter Session

Eastside Jazz Club

Many of the artists working at the Conservatoire create music that sits on the spectrum of pop music. Our Singer/Songwriter Session is a laid-back event where RBC's singer songwriters can perform their original songs and for you to see the wide range of new music being created at the Conservatoire.

RBC’s Creative Ensemble: Games & Music for Pairs

The Lab

James Knowles
Kina Whitehead
Rob Jones
Vinícius Motta

A concert of music devised, composed and performed by the members of Creative Ensemble, a small group of RBC composer-performers who explore improvisation and collaborative and experimental approaches to composition (such as graphic scores, open scores, text pieces and devised composition). The concert will bring together original pieces into a continuous and slightly absurd musical collage themed around games and partnerships, both musical and personal. This will include: musical twister, Skype Monogamy, a strangely intimate piece about blinking; and a whole host more.

Dissolve pt.iii

Boult's Bar

Amy Coates
Vratislav Klemera

During the summer of 2022, we (Vato Klemera and Amy Coates), became very interested in (a little obsessed) with Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. We watched it all. One thing kept playing on our minds – the inspirational quotes/affirmations/moral lessons written upon the screen before the start of each episode. Naturally, we took every one of these, dissolved them into a massive mumble of inspirational-looking soup, and will serve it ice cold in a series of mini, moral improvisations. We hope you feel affirmed.

Carnatic Classical Concert

Eastside Jazz Club

Balu Raghuraman
Dr Radhika Balakrishnan
Prakash Ramachandran
Prathap Ramachandran

Celebrating the South Indian Carnatic musical tradition, Visiting Professor Dr Radhika Balakrishnan and fellow artists will provide an evening of Carnatic Classical compositions. Exploring the concepts of Swara (Solfege), Raga (melodic modes), Tala (time-signatures) and Manodharma (improvisation), the musicians will provide a creative exploration of Carnatic musical culture to the Jazz Club at RBC.

CODA 2023

Events include: