CODA 2023: Day 3

CODA 2023: Day 3

CODA 2023

Date and time
14 Jun 2023 (1:00pm - 9:00pm)

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

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Booking Information

Wheelchair users are entitled to concessionary priced tickets with a complimentary companion seat.

Guide dogs are welcome at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire venues. If you wish to bring a guide dog or wheelchair, please let the Events Office know by calling 0121 331 5909.


Film Showcase

Eastside Jazz Club

Many of the composers across the Conservatoire produce work that does not exclusively belong in the concert hall. To celebrate this, we will be showing a range of film works created by members of the Composition Department.

Music For Stairs

Foyer Staircase (Ground floor to 1st floor)
Public Artwork

Alexander Kaniewski
James Knowles
James McIlwrath
Kinna Whitehead
Zahrah Hutton

Music for Stairs is a short music and dance piece created by composer James Knowles and theatre-maker Alexander Kaniewski. Set to original music by James Knowles, the piece is centred around the staircase in the Conservatoire's café foyer, with movers interacting with the physical space and passers-by.

Wednesday Club

The Lab

Alexander Kaniewski
Chan Chak Hang
James Knowles
Lukas Ohlemacher
Peter Bell
Vato Klemera

This performance is designed to be interactive and engage the audience. As each member takes their seat, a corresponding sound is played, creating a unique and dynamic experience. The level of complexity increases with greater audience participation. Some tracks may be considered exceptional, while others may be perceived as subpar, encouraging the audience to explore and form their own opinions.

Don't Mind Control

Eastside Jazz Club

Holly Gowland
Rebecca Wing
Simon Paton

Don't Mind Control is a concert series that emerged from the ashes of Thinking/Not Thinking Fest as a way to support Birmingham-based creative improvisers (and maybe a couple from elsewhere). For this event, three performers will do unique solo sets. Expect loud skronks, mountains of chaos and all the unpredictability you can handle.

Tradin’ Fives

The Lab

Conal Hughes
Harry Brown
Peter Batchelar
Sam Freshwater
Vratislav Klemera

Tradin’ Fives return with a whole new set of music written by Vato Klemera. From musings on a 1986 Soviet sci-fi movie, to a tune about some shoes he bought from a good friend, to some other ideas about hyperobjects and space and non-anthropocentric thinking or whatever, come bop to nasty new sounds and strange old bangers in the LAB!

CODA 2023

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