Study Undergraduate Pedagogy

Pedagogy UG letterboxLevel 4 (Year 1)

As a first-year undergraduate (BMus/BMus Jazz), you will take a Community Engagement module in which you will learn about the wide range of music activities taking place in community and educational settings. You will participate in a range of workshops with different interdisciplinary focuses including global traditional music, jazz, composition-based, therapeutic, voice-led, and instrument-led. You will develop and practise workshop presentation skills which you can apply in external community settings later in your course.

‘A very valuable module. Confidence building and providing the basis for developing skills that can be sold for real money in the real world.’

Level 5 (Year 2)

In the second year, you will participate in classes designed to help you develop as a teacher in your primary specialism (instrument/voice, composition or music technology). Topics covered include those specific to your Principal Study area, as well as those relevant to teachers from all disciplines. There will also be talks from external practitioners including from local arts organisations and music education providers, connecting you to potential future employers and the wider music education landscape.

A very useful and beneficial course. I feel it has put me in a stronger position to approach teaching.

Level 6 (Years 3 and 4)

Towards the end of your course, you can extend your learning through optional pedagogy and community engagement modules.

Our Further Pedagogy module combines on-site lectures and workshops with lesson observation opportunities in conjunction with Services for Education Music Service. Weekly lectures and workshops cover a comprehensive range of issues in instrumental/vocal teaching to include first lessons, motivation, practice, notation, sight-reading, technology, creativity and aural-based approaches, group teaching, behaviour management, planning and assessment, differentiation, special needs, performance preparation, teacher-pupil-parent relationships, business matters and safeguarding.

Another option is Music, Community and Wellbeing. This module helps you to develop leadership and presentation skills and confidence to deliver workshops and interactive performances in the community. You will observe and be mentored by professional musicians working in environments such as hospital wards, care homes, special schools and early years settings and through reflection, you will gather and further develop a range of flexible strategies to enable you to select and deliver appropriate activities and repertoire in situ.

Increasing numbers of students specialise in educational and/or community work within the Final Project module, often taken alongside Further Pedagogy and/or Music, Community and Wellbeing.

Additional placement opportunities

We also offer opportunities for you to gain practical experience in educational or community contexts in placement contexts beyond those offered by the above modules. You can undertake work experience voluntarily, or use the experience to gain credits towards your award. Students can also extend their experience through our Learning and Participation Department.

‘Fantastic hands-on approach. Training and shadowing was brilliant. I feel I am more prepared for a portfolio career.’ (Student)

‘I really enjoyed having first-hand experience with teaching kids in schools. The placement has helped me confirm that I do want a career in teaching, and to pursue a PGCE after graduating.’ (Student)