Music Technology Research

Music Technology research at Birmingham Conservatoire is focused around two broad themes:

  • Musician-computer interaction
  • The art of sound recording

To support this the department hosts Integra Lab, which provides a unique opportunity for researchers in interactive music technology, user-centred design and digital signal processing to collaborate directly with performers and composers in the creation of musically meaningful systems and tools. Integra Lab has produced the following world-leading projects:

  • Integra Live for interactive live audio processing with over 17,000 downloads and used in teaching institutions worldwide
  • LibXtract, a library of over 50 audio feature extraction functions used widely in research and commercial applications

Under the art of sound recording project, the music technology research team also curated recorded 'The Conservatoire Collection', a collection of period instrument samples now available through Sonic Couture.

We welcome applications to our research degrees throughout the year.