Why study here?

If you want practical training to a professional standard then drama school is for you.

Fundamentally, the difference between drama school and traditional university performance courses is that a drama school is focused on professional, vocational training, preparing its students for the industry in which they want to work. 

Traditional university courses, however, tend to apportion more time to the academic study of drama along with the practice of performance. 

We benefit from being both part of a university, meaning that you will leave with a recognised qualification, and a specialist drama school. You get the experience of attending university, combined with the benefit of training at an institution recognised as offering exceptional vocational practice and professional development. 

Birmingham City Centre

Getting accepted on to a course at any drama school is challenging, and ours is no different. Places on all courses are limited and, regardless of how you apply for a course (whether it is directly to us for acting courses or via UCAS for related disciplines), you will be required to go through a process of auditions or interviews before you are offered a place.