Reasons to study at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire’s £57 million teaching and performance space is the first of its kind in the digital age which combines both traditional and contemporary facilities. There are plenty of reasons why you should study here...


Although the Conservatoire will be where your studying will take place, it is also used for a range of live events for the general public to attend. The events range from theatre and music to conference-based events. In simple terms, you will be studying in a fully operating events facility within the industry. You can find out more about the range of events on offer by viewing our ‘What’s On’ page.

Industry-standard facilities

Studying here you’ll get the chance to use the tools, equipment and space that professionals use on a daily basis, meaning you will be both experienced and prepared when you graduate. Our seven recording studios, 146-seater Recital Hall and 500 seat capacity Concert Hall are just a few of the many facilities on offer.

Eastside Jazz Club

Although technically still a ‘facility’ at our Conservatoire, we thought it was worth mentioning as a separate reason as to why you should study with us. Being Birmingham’s only dedicated jazz venue, Eastside Jazz Club has been expertly designed to create a cosy space for up to 100 people, creating an atmosphere parallel to the golden age days of jazz during the 1920s and 1930s.

The state-of-the-art facility has a fully flexible space, meaning performance space is adaptable to those using it. The jazz club includes a Meyer stereo PA system with Dante audio network for flexible location recording purposes, and a SSL L300 sound desk with 24 mic channels.

The club is also equipped with a Yamaha CFX grand piano and two Yamaha maple custom drum kits amongst a range of other instruments and equipment available for hire. Audiences can enjoy a laid back yet sophisticated jazz environment. What’s not to love?


We are fortunate to have a team of talented staff who work directly with industry and who are dedicated to ensuring our students become successful and employable. They give our students the confidence and skills to believe in their own potential and achieve their goals.

From full-time course directors to our specialist visiting tutors and guest directors, they’ve enjoyed successful professional careers, and many are still active artists and practitioners.

Rich history

If you’re a bit of a history buff, you’ll be pleased to know the Conservatoire has a history going back to 1854, where our very first singing classes took place informally. In 1886, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire was originally and officially founded as the Birmingham School of Music and has evolved ever since. You can find out more about our history by viewing ‘Our History’ page.

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