How to prepare for your Master’s degree in Acting

Studying your postgraduate degree with us soon? If you’re eager to get a head start with your studies, have a look below at the different tips and resources you can start using right now to prepare for your course.


First and foremost, we recommend you formulate a career plan if you haven’t started one already. Like all plans, things might change over time, but it’s important to have an idea of your ultimate goal and how you might get there.
Whatever you intend to do, like most creative jobs there is more than one way of making it in this industry – research the pathways or options you have and consider what feels best for you.


Get as fit as you can to prepare yourself for the movement training. Unless you’re an athlete or dancer, you’ll find the course requires a level of fitness and stamina you may not be prepared for, so use the summer to up your fitness level. Want to improve your lung capacity? Get your running shoes on! If your posture could use some work, roll out that yoga mat!

It’ll stand you in good stead for next year too, as finding some exercise you love will give you a welcome break from studying and is a low-cost way to de-stress.


Working on your vocal technique is a great place to start as your voice will get a lot of work in the coming year. Read out loud to get used to sight-reading scripts. You can read anything to practise - the newspaper, the back of cereal boxes, your favourite blog. Don't read in a whisper, use your voice!


If you haven’t already, you can gain a lot from visiting our postgraduate open days. Upon arrival, you will be able to look around the facilities we have on offer and speak to our expert members of staff, giving you the opportunity to get to know who will be teaching you, and to get answers to any burning questions you have regarding your course.


With one quick search you’ll be able to find the right podcast for you. Whether you’re interested in interviews with some of the biggest industry juggernauts or an analysis of something more technical use Apple podcasts, Acast or Spotify to find the right one for you.

Why not try Royal Court’s Playwrights Podcast#SuchStuff or Off Book as a starting point? Then take time to explore and find one that interests you.

For something more long-form, Audible offers a 30-day free trial for students so why not make the most of this by finding an autobiography of someone whose career you admire or delve into some theatre history.


When you’re about to start studying acting, there’s no better way to prepare than to immerse yourself in performance. Get out and about as often as your schedule and budget allows and see as much live theatre as possible!

If you can’t get to the theatre in person, watch streamed performances online. National Theatre at HomeBBC iPlayer and Globe Player give you access to a treasure trove of past productions.

Try out new genres and venues, make some notes about what resonated with you and what didn’t. Most importantly, remind yourself why you love theatre and why you’re excited to be joining us this year.

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