What can I do to prepare for my music degree?

Not sure what to do between now and when you join us? Want some guidance on how to prepare for your course? Give yourself that head start with our top recommendations below and you’ll be ready to start uni in no time!

Conservatoire cellists

See and hear as much as you can

When you’re about to start studying music, there’s no better way to prepare than to immerse yourself in sound. Get out and about as often as your schedule and budget allows, and see as many gigs, performances and concerts as possible! Try out new genres and venues, and make some notes about what resonated with you and what didn’t.

Yoga class

Get physical

After spending months revising or hunched over a laptop, it’s time to get away from your desk and move your body. Staying active is an important part of musical performance too: Want to improve your lung capacity? Get your running shoes on! If your posture could use some work, roll out that yoga mat!

It’ll stand you in good stead for next year too, as finding some exercise you love will give you a welcome break from rehearsals and is a low-cost way to de-stress.

Podcasts and audiobooks

With one quick search you’ll be able to find the right podcast for you. Whether you’re interested in interviews with some of the biggest industry juggernauts or an analysis of something more technical use Apple podcasts, Acast or Spotify to find the right one for you.

Why not try Song ExploderAll Songs Considered or Sticky Notes as a starting point? Then take time to explore and find one that interests you.

For something more long-form, Audible offers a 30-day free trial for students so why not make the most of this by finding an autobiography of someone whose career you admire or delve into some music history.

Woman in field

Get inspired

Inspiration can come from unlikely places. If you’re a composition student, why not look for some musical ideas from different sources? Visit art galleries, take photographs, get out into nature or a bustling city centre, and see what captures your imagination.

Revamp your social media follow list

Turn browsing social media into a learning tool! If you’re not already, make sure you’re following relevant BCU pages and some of the industry giants in your field. Here are a few ideas:

Man playing violin

Play for fun!

You’ve no doubt been working hard over the last year to prepare for auditions, probably practicing the same few pieces over and over. Take a break from the monotony and play or sing for fun. Learn some new pieces or revisit some old favourites, and remind yourself why you’re excited to be joining us this year.

Ambitious at heart

Open Days

Our Open Day provides you with the perfect opportunity to discover just what we have to offer.