Audition tips from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

We've compiled an audition FAQ blog below to help answer your queries and any worries you have ahead of your music audition. We've included what tutors are looking for, what we think makes a successful audition and reassure you that nerves help you perform at your best!

Audition tips from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

How should I handle my nerves before performing?

Everyone gets nervous – at least they should! The key is to make the nerves work for you rather than against you. Nerves should supply that extra adrenaline you need to play at your best!

What makes a successful audition?

The most important thing is to focus all your mind on the music itself and what it means to you. Try to shut out everything else! Don’t worry about little mistakes – the overall impression is what will count.

What are tutors looking for in music auditions at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire?

At RBC we look for potential and individuality – so don’t worry about making a few mistakes! Be confident in your presentation and – if you are playing with a pianist – make sure you know the pianist’s part just as well as your own. We are looking for musicians with distinctive personality so go into the room brimming with confidence and show us what you can do.

What ethos are staff trying to build and maintain at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire?

We aim to be excellent in everything that we do – that means giving your best at all times.

What makes a successful musician? What qualities does someone need to have or learn?

You need to stand out from the crowd. That doesn’t necessarily mean being the BEST performer – you can find individual paths to making it in music.

What potential careers will students and new graduates experience in the future?

The music world is changing very fast so students need to think ahead and watch the trends. This is something we are very aware of at RBC and we encourage each student individually to find the key strengths they should develop to leave with a job.

Why should applicants want to join RBC over other institutions, what makes us special?

RBC is a forward looking institution with fantastic facilities – and we look after our students as individuals. Birmingham as a city also has a lot going for it. Student accommodation is much cheaper than in London and is in walking distance of the Conservatoire. We have the closest links with the great City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and being a part of Birmingham City University gives students opportunities to work with other Schools that no other UK music college can provide. RBC really does offer the complete package - if we do say so!

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