A trip to Abbey Road

On the 26 October composer Rosie Tunley and a band of Royal Birmingham Conservatoire musicians featuring Kai Chareunsy, Tom Harris, Dan Cippico, Lizze Chan-Foxley, Helena Britten, Ning-ning Li and Sara Gale, took a trip to Abbey Road studios.

Matthew O’Malley
Studio Manager

Abbey Road primary

Organised in collaboration with Mike Banks from RecordProduction.com the brief was to run one of the Record Production workshop/networking events at Abbey Road, and for this particular event they wanted to run a feature on tracking a string section. In order to get around copyright rules, they needed original music, so we came up with the idea of partnering up with one of our composers who could work with a band and write parts for strings. Rosie was a perfect choice providing an original piece of music and already had a tight functioning band as this would be a live recording session. Our students really did us proud on the day with the string players (Riot Quartet) making quite an impression. 

It was an incredibly exciting and successful day observed by a number of record producers and some appreciative Conservatoire Music Tech students.

Record Production is a forum for producers and engineers to network and share experiences and all the other things that a social media group is useful for. Mike Banks also works for Solid State Logic who provided all of our mixing consoles for the new building so it is through this connection that made this collaboration possible.

The live recording from Studio 3 will soon be featured on RecordProduction.com forum.

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