We have a confident, proud and diverse community of graduates at BCU, who are striving to achieve their career goals and transform their lives. Read their stories here.

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Clair Graham

Social Work BSc (Hons)

Clair left school with no qualifications and due to having criminal offences on her record, her journey wasn’t ever going to be an easy one. But after doing voluntary work and securing a role as a Social Work Assistant, Clair decided to return to education, choosing to study Social Work at BCU. Now, she is the Head of Service for Contextual Safeguarding at Birmingham Children’s Trust and continues to inspire the next generation of social workers with her extraordinary story.

Muhiz Ali

Social Work BSc (Hons)

Muhiz was inspired to study Social Work from a young age and arrived at BCU as the first one in his family to attend university. A decade after graduating, Muhiz has excelled in his chosen industry, now working as a qualified and experienced Social Worker in Birmingham, alongside supporting current students in their work placement opportunities.

Katherine Hogarth

BA (Hons) Music Industries

Katherine didn’t have the best impression of Birmingham before she visited, but now can’t imagine what her life would have been like if she hadn’t attended BCU. After graduating from her degree in Music Industries, she is now excelling in her chosen industry and working at 5B Artists and Media, who represent heavy metal royalty such as Slipknot, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium and many more.

Matthew Hill

Fine Art (MA)

After completing both a BA and Masters in Fine Art, as well as a PGCE in Further Education, Matthew went into teaching. But after showcasing his digital art skills online, Matthew was offered the opportunity to work in the film industry, landing his big break as a Concept Modeller on The Batman, before moving to Paramount Pictures to work as a Concept Artist on the two latest Mission: Impossible movies.

Imogen Webb

Sports Therapy BSc (Hons)

Being a keen Netball player herself, BCU’s Sports Therapy course felt like a natural step for Imogen. After embracing the course and landing herself a series of successful internships, Imogen is now stepping onto the career ladder in her first role at Swindon Town Women’s Football Club.

Cal Henderson

Software Engineering BSc

Cal was already working in his chosen industry alongside his studies at BCU, but knew a degree would open even more doors for him. After graduating, he joined a start-up that went on to create Flickr. After Flickr was acquired by Yahoo, Cal and his team went on to set-up Slack, the leading instant messaging and collaboration platform. As a Co-Founder and CTO, his career has evolved in ways he couldn’t have ever imagined.

Samuel Lovesey

Digital Media Computing BSc (Hons)

During his time at university, Sam embraced all that BCU had to offer. From playing a pivotal role in the University’s marketing team to joining the mentorship programme, Sam got stuck in and is now reaping the rewards after successfully securing his first role after graduation at leading agency Inspired Thinking Group. 

Elvinah Xhignesse

Media Production MA

Growing up in Belgium, Elvinah had big dreams of working on some of the UK’s biggest television shows. She started to make her dreams a reality when she attended a BCU Open Day and soon threw herself into studying Media and Communication, followed by an MA in Media Production. With enough skills and experience under her belt to break the industry, Elvinah is now working on the likes of The Great British Bake Off, The Love Trap and 24 Hours in A&E.

Benjamin Culff

Video Game Design And Production BA (Hons), Video Game Enterprise, Production And Design MSc

Ben grew up playing video games, which led him to study courses dedicated to video game design, production and enterprise at BCU. Before arriving at BCU, Ben was struck by a cardiac arrest, which motivated him to succeed in his chosen industry. Whilst thriving on his chosen courses, Ben completed a placement at Lab42, a UK based game developer, where he now works as a Level Designer alongside spreading awareness of cardiac arrests and campaigning to make defibrillators accessible everywhere.

Allyson Loots

Media and Communication (Public Relations) BA (Hons)

After moving to the UK from South Africa as a teenager, Allyson was waiting to discover what she would do with her life here. A BCU Open Day gave her an insight into a career that suited her personality and skills. After thriving in her university experience, Allyson is now working her way up the career ladder, is in control of her own destiny and is celebrating being the Co-Founder of her own company.

Maryam Wahid

Photography BA (Hons)

Maryam never thought her passion in photography could turn into a successful career. But just weeks before starting, she pulled out of the Religion and Theology course that she was due to study at a different university, and instead, she threw herself into BCU’s Photography course. After thriving at BCU, Maryam has had incredible success, from awards, TV shows, and even working alongside royalty.

Aniyah Butt

Media Production BA (Hons)

Aniyah’s love of the television industry led her to studying Media Production at BCU. After taking advantage of everything the course provided her, she walked straight into a job at a leading broadcasting company before she had even graduated and is now enjoying working as a VT Operator at a wide range of major UK events.

James Willetts

Criminology, Policing and Investigation BA (Hons)

James always wanted to help people, and a desire to join the Police led him to study Policing and Criminology at BCU. After embracing the course and picking up the key skills he needed, James started his career at West Midlands Police, where he is now a Neighbourhood Officer for West Bromwich Town and is even the proud winner of a Pride of Britain Award. 

Nathan Scott Dunn

Acting BA (Hons)

After being rejected from drama school for four years in a row, Nathan had the perseverance and drive to eventually make the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire his home. Nathan is now on the road to stardom with his already hugely successful show ‘1902’ paving an exciting path for the Actor.

Ben Allen

Radiotherapy BSc (Hons)

University never appealed to Ben, but when he discovered Radiotherapy and the instant skills and experience he could gain from the course, he never looked back. After working his way up in the Radiotherapy department at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Ben is now thriving in his role as a Trainee Consultant Breast Radiographer with a bright future ahead.

Alice Stewardson

Quantity Surveying BSc (Hons)

Alice never planned to go to university, but the chance to study alongside her full-time position popped up in her first job. After excelling in her degree, and being awarded the ‘Most Promising Trainee Quantity Surveyor’ award, Alice is now working her way up in her chosen industry.

Jacob Worthington

Horology BA (Hons)

Growing up with a passion for watches soon led Jacob to BCU’s Horology degree. After excelling on the course and celebrating multiple achievements, Jacob landed his dream job as a Quality Control Watchmaker for Rolex, where he is now working alongside the very best in the Horology industry.

Izabella Varnai

Automotive Engineering BSc (Hons)

When Izabella took a placement at Toyota Motor Europe during her time completing an Automotive Engineering degree at BCU, she realised that manufacturing was where she wanted to be. Nowadays, she’s a Lead Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and is working on the production of cars for the future. 

Jill Arriordaz

Real Estate Management (MSc)

After recovering from an accident, and having a young family, Jill was keen to do something for herself again. With a passion for property, Jill decided to return to BCU to further her career in real estate. After excelling on the course, and gaining useful contacts, Jill had the confidence to become a self-employed property specialist, alongside her ongoing research into empty homes across the UK.

Liam Morgan

Digital Film Production BSc (Hons)

Thanks to securing work experience on a BBC series, Liam discovered that the TV and Film industry was perfect for him. After excelling in his course at BCU, the graduate went on to work in sports broadcasting before kickstarting his exciting career in major TV dramas and films. Liam is now excited about his future in his chosen industry, with big goals ahead.

Siara Nawaz

Psychology BSc (Hons)

Siara always knew that she wanted to study Psychology, and after thriving in the course at BCU, she soon discovered what her speciality would be. After years of hard work and further study, Siara is now excelling in her career as an Educational Psychologist and uses her platform to inspire others too. 

Léa Nakache

Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism MA

With a postgraduate degree under her belt, Léa was finally able to pursue her dream career and landed a job as a Social Trending Journalist at Reach plc - the largest news publisher in the UK – straight after graduation.

Claudine Tracey

Real Estate Management MSc

After studying a degree in English and Psychology, Claudine found herself working as a Personal Assistant for a property development company which sparked a deeper interest in the property industry. With support of her employer, she went back into education to change career direction and train in Real Estate Management.  

Caitlin Neal

Criminology and Security Studies BA (Hons)

Caitlin always had a passion for crime and criminology, and threw herself into all aspects of BCU life, from excelling in her course to getting involved with extra opportunities. Her time at BCU gave her the confidence required to join the police, and now she is going from strength to strength in her role as a Police Constable for Thames Valley Police.

Bala Shobika Balasubramanian Senthil Kumar

Quantity Surveying (MSc)

After moving to the UK and choosing to study at BCU, Bala was keen to embrace everything that the university had to offer, from course opportunities to joining a society. Thanks to support from her lecturers and BCU’s Careers+ team, Bala was ready to step into her role as an Assistant Quantity Surveyor, where she is currently working at Balfour Beatty Vinci’s joint venture working for HS2.

Jake Newton

Marketing BA (Hons)

After throwing himself into several internships during his time at university, Jake was able to form relationships with the contacts he would need to get his first step on the career ladder. After starting his career at Ralph Lauren, Jake is now working as a CRM Executive for Center Parcs. 

Tom Clarke-Forrest

Executive MBA

Tom set up Sport 4 Life UK, a leading sport organisation, in 2007. He returned to education to continue his leadership journey and embraced everything that the Executive MBA course, and BCU had to offer. Nowadays, he is applying his new skills and knowledge to his growing charity.

Jodie Tipper

Media and Communication BA (Hons)

Coming from a small town, Jodie didn’t always know what opportunities were out there for her. But by throwing herself into work experience and internships during her degree, Jodie not only excelled at university, but also managed to get a job in her chosen sector under her belt months before graduating. Now, Jodie is going from strength to strength in the world of PR.

Regan Peggs 900x600 - Regan in his office

Regan Peggs

Legal Practice Course - Solicitor, advocate, and founder of Regan Peggs Solicitors

Regan joined BCU in 1998 to study an undergraduate Law degree. He then went on to study a postgraduate qualification with us, which set him up for a truly successful legal career. Regan now has his very own solicitors’ practice and is thriving within the profession.

Chris Proctor

BMus (Hons) Jazz Saxophone

Whilst studying at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Chris was inspired by how the music industry works, and how he could contribute to it from a business perspective. After making the most out of the internship that he founded with Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Chris took his combined music and event experience to B:Music, the charity responsible for Town Hall and Symphony Hall in Birmingham, and has worked his way up the ladder to become the Head of Programme, where he now brings established artists and major events to our city.

Emily Drewett

Acting BA (Hons)

Emily always knew she had a passion for acting, but didn’t know that she could study it on her doorstep. After finding out more about the course, Emily returned to sixth form to complete her A Levels and got a place on BCU’s Acting Foundation course. Finally, Emily secured her spot on the Acting BA (Hons) course and graduated in 2020. Nowadays, Emily is working her way across our screens from Netflix to BBC, with an exciting future ahead of her.

Jamie Bryson

Nursing - Adult BSc (Hons)

Jamie wasn’t sure if university would be right for him as he’s much more practical than academic. But he was keen to jump into his lifelong dream career of being a nurse, and knew that university was one of the best ways to get a foot in the door of his chosen industry. After succeeding in his degree and throwing himself into work experience opportunities, Jamie is now thriving in his role of Critical Care Outreach Practitioner and quickly working his way up the ranks.

Paige Jones

Cardiac Care (Professional Practice)

After studying her undergraduate degree in operating department practice (ODP), Paige had a passion to develop her specialism further within her role as anaesthetic ODP in cardiac theatres. So she started our professional practice course in cardiac care, and has been excelling in her role since with a boost in confidence.

Mahdiyah Bandali

Paramedic Science BSc (Hons)

After initially planning to study Medicine, Mahdiyah discovered Paramedic Science at BCU. After embracing everything that the course had to offer, including the opportunity to work in New Zealand, Mahdiyah threw herself into being a Paramedic. But Mahdiyah has had to face racism from both colleagues and patients and has made it her mission to highlight diversity and inclusion in her industry.  

Leah Spencer

Digital Forensics BSc (Hons)

Leah always had a passion for computing growing up and is continuing to follow that passion as she prepares to graduate. After a successful placement year at Boohoo, Leah has already returned to the leading fashion retailer for graduate role as a Java Developer.

Lincoln Hamilton

Horology BA (Hons)

Growing up, Lincoln was fascinated by clocks, but she presumed that the Horology trade would no longer exist. After doing some research, she came across the Horology degree course at BCU, and immediately applied. After embracing everything that the course had to offer as well as excelling in her new skills and experience, Lincoln is now working in her chosen industry as a Clock Cataloguer.

Ashley Innis

Real Estate Management MSc

Ashley studied at BCU for his undergraduate degree and graduated in 2003. Since then, he has had a long and successful career working for Birmingham City Council. He has now returned to study MSc Real Estate Management to further his regeneration and development knowledge.

Emma Shipley

Textile Design BA (Hons)

Emma followed her passion to study Textile Design and thrived in her course at BCU. After graduating, she launched her very own label, Emma J Shipley, selling luxury homeware and accessories, which has gone from strength to strength. 

Tim Johnson

Fashion Design BA (Hons)

After dropping out in his first year at a London university, Tim wasn’t sure if he would ever study again. But after being inspired to explore his creative side, Tim returned to the Midlands and joined BCU. After thriving on the Fashion Design course, Tim founded his own manufacturing company. Now, he is designing and manufacturing his very own brand of backpacks with the skills he picked up during his time at BCU.

Jiney Ang

International Business (MBA)

Jiney arrived at BCU ready to take the next step in her career. With her sights set on working in a management position, she decided to study an MBA in International Business. With new skills and experienced gained from her time at BCU, Jiney has so far excelled in her career, now working her way up the ladder at KPMG.

Pam Sheemar

Government and Law BA (Hons)

Being the first in her family to go to university, Pam threw herself into education and took every opportunity available to her. Now, she’s paying that back by helping others succeed in her role as Regional Enterprise Director at Natwest, and aims to make commercial banking more diverse.

Rachel Edwards

Sociology BA (Hons)

Escaping an abusive relationship at a young age has fuelled Rachel’s ambitions to help others. Her determination and self-belief has led her to a senior role at The Prince’s Trust and even bagging an invite to the then HRH Prince of Wales' birthday party!

Ben Goodwin

Broadcast Journalism - PGDip

After getting a postgraduate diploma under his belt, Ben is now a Communications Manager at HS2 – Europe’s largest infrastructure project. By doing a postgraduate degree not only did he gain an academic qualification, he also worked towards gaining an exciting career for life.

Keith Scobie-Youngs

Horology BA (Hons)

After graduating with a degree in Horology, Keith decided to take a risk and set up his own company. Over 30 years later, Keith now manages a large team of skilled workers who look after some of the world’s most famous clocks, including their recent restoration work on Big Ben. His passion for clocks is only getting bigger, with his family also choosing to follow in his footsteps. With an exciting future ahead, his main goal is to now give back to his industry, as he prepares to offer excellent opportunities to current students.

Oswald Muma Petiangha-Mbuh

Criminology, Policing and Investigation BA (Hons)

After moving to the UK from Cameroon, Oswald joined the army where he discovered that his dream role would be in the Police. Oswald joined BCU to make a step towards his goal of becoming a police officer, and is now just weeks away from joining a graduate scheme.

Jo Herriotts

BTEC National Diploma Art and Design (Design Crafts)

Jo always had a passion for crafts, but didn’t think the university experience was for her as she has dyslexia. But after realising how practical the course was, she soon signed up and embraced all that the university has to offer. Since graduation, Jo has set up her very own business, which has gone from strength to strength thanks to a strong client base.

Izzie Waller

Speech and Language Therapy BSc (Hons)

Izzie didn’t think university was for her, but after coming across the Speech and Language Therapy course, she knew what direction she wanted her life to go in. After thriving on the course and in her work placements, Izzie is now working as a Neuro Speech and Language Therapist and feels more ambitious than ever.

Anisah Vasta

English and Journalism BA (Hons)

Anisah took a worthwhile risk when she applied for her course during Clearing. Three years on, Anisah has excelled in her course, starting her career long before graduating. Now, she is giving underrepresented communities a voice at Birmingham Live. 

Grace Duval

Fashion Business and Promotion BA (Hons)

After her original goal of becoming a history teacher didn’t work out, Grace followed her passion for fashion and has already landed her dream role at luxury retailer Kurt Geiger as she prepares to graduate.

Poppy Surplice

Events, Venue and Experience Management BA (Hons)

Poppy always knew that the events industry would be the direction for her. After excelling in her degree and completing a wide range of successful work experience opportunities, Poppy is now managing high-scale events and large international conferences and trips in her role as an Events Project Coordinator. 

Kyhee Douglas-Francis

Computer Science BSc (Hons)

After having to find an alternative way to secure his place at BCU, Kyhee, who always had aspirations to become an entrepreneur and his own boss, founded his own company Genna’s Kitchen while studying. He has since expanded his offering to stores across the UK and has high hopes for the future of his business, but he says he couldn’t have done it without the skills that BCU provided.

Amy Francis-Smith

Architectural Practice (RIBA Part 3 Exemption) - PgDip

Amy dreamt of becoming an Architect, but after being diagnosed with a rare life-threatening condition, she was forced to put her studies on hold. Thanks to the support and encouragement she received at BCU, Amy finally started her dream job after 12 years. She has since campaigned for more inclusive housing and accessible design, questioning why the world isn’t set up for disabled people, and how we can change that.

Jagdip Nahal

Quantity Surveying (MSc)

Upon completing a degree in Chemistry, Jagdip was unsure as to how he could transition into a career in the construction industry. However, after applying to study a Master’s in Quantity Surveying at BCU, he was able to gain the necessary skills and experiences required to become noticed in this sector. BCU’s career support helped Jagdip to take his next steps to reaching his goal, and he is currently excelling in his role as a Quantity Surveyor at Vinci Facilities.

Johnathan Williams

Media and Communication BA (Hons)

Johnathan’s exciting career as being a Photographer to the stars kicked off within weeks of graduating. Thanks to the experience he picked up at BCU, as well as his excellent networking skills, Jonathan is thriving in his career as a freelance photographer, videographer and TikTok content creator and is now working with huge names in the entertainment industry, from Maya Jama to Cardi B.  

Katie Goodacre

Education Studies BA (Hons)

After transferring to BCU half way through her studies, Katie threw herself into all that the university has to offer. From working as a student researcher to publishing her very own novel, Katie has had a busy few years and she’s not slowing down anytime soon thanks to her new role at nationwide charity Relate.

Jazz Shergill

Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism MA

During her time studying at BCU, Jazz wasn’t sure where her path would take her. After trying her hand at marketing, working on TV shows and graphic design, it became clear to Jazz that she wanted to specialise in journalism. After doing research into how to get a foot in the door, she soon found herself returning to BCU to hone in on her craft and complete a Master’s in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism. Now, Jazz is en route to success after securing a role at the BBC.

Tayyib Mahmood

Film Production Technology BSc (Hons)

Tayyib almost didn’t go to university, but once he discovered BCU he never looked back. The Film Production Technology course shaped who he would become as a filmmaker, and straight out of university, he landed his dream job working on a blockbuster Hollywood film. Nowadays, he is excelling in his chosen industry whilst also making viral videos on TikTok

Olivia Hodgson

Creative Writing MA

BCU wasn’t always on the cards for Olivia, who joined us through clearing. But after graduating in English and Creative Writing in 2016, Olivia returned to complete a Master’s in Creative Writing. Since then, Olivia has been shortlisted at the Wolverhampton Literature Festival and will have her debut poetry book published in 2022.

Sophie Johnson

Public Relations MA

After many successful years running her own PR agency in London, Sophie returned to BCU as a lecturer to share her industry experience about the world of fashion. She never expected to undertake a Master's, but working at BCU made her realise she wanted to explore the area further and excel at tutoring. 

Victoria Coker

Social Work BSc (Hons)

After working as a Nurse, Victoria decided to return to university to study Social Work. She thrived on the course, happy to finally do something she was passionate about. After graduating, she worked her way up the ranks in the industry, before returning to BCU to work as a Visiting Lecturer, where she is now inspiring the next generation of Social Workers.

Simon Cauvain

Social Work BSc (Hons)

After arriving at BCU as a mature student, Simon thrived on the Social Work course and in his work placement opportunities. After graduating, he progressed in his academic career, completing a PhD, and working as a Lecturer in Social Work. Nowadays, Simon is Head of Department of Social Work, Care and Community at Nottingham Trent University, thanks to the skills he picked up at BCU.

Steff Hanson

Media and Communication BA (Hons)

Education hasn’t always been easy for Steff, who has autism and often struggles with self-belief and confidence. When Steff chose BCU as her place to study, arrangements were put in place so that her support worker was able to attend lectures and seminars with Steff, and be there to support her throughout her degree.

Shelby O’Brien

Marketing BA (Hons)

After embracing everything that BCU and the Marketing course had to offer, Shelby landed her dream placement at a leading global exhibitions company. After graduating, Shelby soon secured a full-time role at the same company, where she now manages high profile clients and travels the world to work at major international events.

Charlotte Hurrell

Media and Communication BA (Hons)

Charlotte, who has dyslexia, wasn’t sure if she was ever going to be able to go to university after struggling with her GCSE’s and not knowing if a diploma could be enough to get a place. But Charlotte’s passion about radio shined through and her creative skills thrived at BCU and work experience opportunities. Now, Charlotte is excelling in her radio career at Bauer Media.

Allen Biju

Biomedical Engineering MEng

Allen always knew that he wanted to work in medicine, and his love of Maths and Physics led him to study Biomedical Engineering at BCU. Nowadays, he’s working in Regulatory Affairs as a Product Support Engineer.

Mark Radford

PhD, Advance Practice Nursing PgDip, Nursing BSc (Hons)

Mark chose to study at BCU as it was one of the only university’s to offer a three-year Nursing degree at the time. After thriving in his course, Mark went onto excel in his chosen industry and is now Chief Nurse of Health Education England and Deputy Chief Nursing Officer for England, as well as a Visiting Professor right here at BCU, and has recently received at CBE for his services to Nursing.

Morgan Grice

Illustration BA (Hons)

After discovering her talent of working incredibly well to briefs, Morgan decided that Illustration, and BCU, was the right choice for her. Nowadays, alongside a successful freelance career, Morgan has combined her artistic skills with her desire to be an entrepreneur and launched her very own stationary business Odd Orange.