Hafiz Mubashar

Quantity Surveying MSc

Hafiz chose BCU for its strong links to industry and experienced lecturers. The course prepared him for his career by giving him the skills and knowledge he would need in his role as Assistant Quantity Surveyor at Elements Europe, a role he was offered whilst studying at BCU. 

“My journey to becoming a Master's student at BCU began with a Bachelor’s degree in Building and Architectural Engineering. After graduating, I spent several years working in project management, gaining valuable industry experience. But it was my desire to deepen my expertise and advance my career which led me to pursue a Master’s degree in Quantity Surveying. BCU stood out to me due to its cutting-edge curriculum, esteemed faculty, and strong industry ties.

At BCU, I was thrilled to enhance my knowledge, engage in advanced research, and connect with professionals, paving the way for future leadership roles in the field. I did find balancing a full-time job and studying to be difficult, but I managed to overcome this obstacle.

Studying Quantity Surveying at BCU was an invaluable experience. The hands-on projects, expert lecturers, and industry connections provided me with a solid foundation in construction management. The diverse curriculum was both challenging and engaging, fostering critical thinking and practical skills. Overall, BCU equipped me with the knowledge and confidence needed for a successful career.

During my time at BCU, I was offered a job as a Junior Quantity Surveyor (QS). This role involved cost estimation, capturing change, and assisting with contract management. The hands-on experience in project budgeting and cost control along with my educational backing significantly enhanced my professional skills hence a better understanding of the construction industry.

Now, I’m an Assistant Quantity Surveyor at Elements Europe. My responsibilities include cost estimation, project cost analysis, and assisting senior QS professionals. I am excited to contribute my skills and learn more in this dynamic field.

My journey since graduating from BCU has been a fascinating blend of challenges and growth. I have navigated complex construction projects, honed my cost estimation skills, and collaborated with diverse teams. From site visits to contract negotiations, every day brings new insights and opportunities.

My course at BCU provided me with practical skills and knowledge directly applicable to the role I have now. It has also equipped me with a strong foundation for my future career aspirations, allowing me to confidently pursue my goals.

As an Assistant Quantity Surveyor, my typical workday involves a mix of tasks related to cost estimation, project management activities, and contract administration, as well as assisting senior surveyors, analysing data, preparing reports, site visits, and collaborating with various stakeholders. The workload can vary, but staying organised, attention to detail, and being adaptable are essential.

Starting a career as an Assistant Quantity Surveyor can be both exciting and challenging. It requires dedication, learning from experienced colleagues, and embracing opportunities to grow. As you gain experience, progression to senior roles or specialisation in areas like cost management becomes possible.

One of my proudest achievements in the professional field, so far, was successfully managing a complex construction project within budget and as per schedule. This accomplishment was made possible largely by my careful cost-reporting, attention to detail, previous industry experience, and negotiating abilities, which gave me a lot of self-belief and made me eager to face further challenges.

My goals for the long-term include achieving excellence in cost management, ensuring projects are completed within budget and to high standards using innovative sustainable practices and effective resource management. Eventually, I would like to see myself as a Quantum Expert or in a Contract Administrator role.

For anyone considering studying at BCU, I advise embracing practical experiences, actively participating in industry placements, and utilising BCU's strong industry connections. Engage with your peers and lecturers, utilise campus resources, and stay curious. I believe this proactive approach will enrich your learning and future career prospects.

Your foundation at BCU equips you well—use it confidently to navigate your career path.

To me, ‘I AM BCU’ means I am proud to have studied at BCU. Being part of BCU feels empowering and inspiring. It offers a vibrant, diverse community with a rich history. The supportive environment fosters growth and innovation, making you feel valued and motivated to achieve your full potential.”