Gabriel Trinc

Film Technology and Visual Effects BSc (Hons)

Gabriel’s path to him working in the film industry took him from his home country of Romania to BCU’s City Centre campus. After thriving on the course and taking advantage of the university’s facilities and equipment, he has gone on to have an incredible career so far and has even worked on major movies like Barbie and Wonka.  

“My journey to BCU was quite challenging. I left my home country of Romania and came here to study. I always wanted to work in the film industry, and I had previous experience working with cameras and lights in local productions, but this was not enough for me; I wanted a university degree.

After looking into my options, I found the Film Technology and Visual Effects course at BCU, and I thought that this would add a new skill to my current work. Without any hesitation, I moved to Birmingham and in 2019 I started my course at BCU.

I had a very positive experience studying at BCU. The course was very well organised from first year to the final year. We also had the opportunity to explore different ways of making VFX and using different camera equipment and studio facilities inside the university too. Throughout my journey at BCU, I always received help and guidance from my teachers pushing my work even further.

The skills that I learned at BCU really helped me get the jobs roles I've had so far in my career. In my second year, I studied tracking techniques, and this was the foundation of my job now in VFX industry.

After graduating, I started working full time at Framestore in London. There, I got to work with some incredible teams on amazing projects such as Barbie, Wonka and Thor. I got the opportunity to see the insights of how the VFX studios deal with different situations and the process of creating outstanding VFX images.

Nowadays, I’m freelancing. In the future, I would love to learn more about VFX and open my own studio to be able to deliver my own content for clients.

My proudest achievement of my career so far is that I can see my name in the credits of huge films, like Barbie, Wonka and Thor Love and Thunder.

One piece of advice that I would give to current students and fellow graduates is to never give up. If you really want to work into the VFX industry, you have to learn and develop your skills to showcase to your future employer.

The industry is a very competitive place, and you have to know there will always be people more experienced than you, but that should not stop you in pursuing your dreams. It should motivate you to push your work even further.

For me, ‘I AM BCU’ means an amazing community that changed my life.”