Tanisha Banik

Design Management MA

Tanisha came to BCU looking to unlock new career opportunities with a master's degree. After thriving on the course, Tanisha threw herself into her chosen industry, and is now making real difference as a UX Researcher and Strategist. 

“I always wanted to pursue a master’s in the design industry. I knew that the MA Design Management course at BCU would benefit and upskill me to reach my career goals.

I was working in a full-time job when I decided to pursue my master’s, but then the pandemic happened. Even after applying, I faced a lot of struggles with visa delays, finances and booking a flight to the UK during Covid-19 lockdown. But the international student support team helped me through this, and they were always quick to respond to my queries.

During my master’s, I was awarded for outstanding academic performance, and my final thesis was even published. I was also the nominated class representative, and later also got the role as the School Rep for the Faculty of Arts, Design & Media. Alongside that, I worked as the student consultant for CEDIA hosting monthly Culture Café sessions for BCU students.

BCU taught me to network with people and manage larger projects. I also learned to be respectful and celebrate diversity and be empathic towards each other. My coursework also gave me the knowledge and experience to excel in my field.

After graduation, I had to work hard to get my first job. Luckily, I got the opportunity to work as an UX Research Intern at Lagom Strategy during my studies which helped me gain work experience. As an international student, getting a first job is hard, but my mentors and the Careers+ team helped me prepare a good CV and reviewed my portfolio for me.

But I chose not to take rejections personally. I applied to about 200 companies, but finally got a job. I had to have patience and of course remember that good things take time.

I am currently working as a UX Researcher and Strategist at Wood Mackenzie in their Edinburgh branch. To know your work is making a positive impact in the world, even in a small way, motivates me to work better each day. I’m also working on becoming a Chair Member for our Inclusive Diversity and Belonging initiative to promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Since graduating, and after getting my new job role, I have become more confident and feel much calmer too. My mentors at BCU prepared me well to make better decisions and work hard to achieve success in life, for which I’m incredibly grateful.

My advice to current BCU students is to explore what this place has to offer to you, take every opportunity that comes your way during your studies but don't forget to have fun along the way.

I AM BCU means I am brave, I am confident, and I am united!”