Hasnath Faraas

International MBA

Hasnath was already the founder and CEO of Gomore Travel when he decided to study the International MBA at BCU. The skills he gained from his course have helped him to expand his business, providing competitively priced travel with a team of experienced consultants.

“My journey to BCU was driven by a deep desire to elevate my career and gain advanced knowledge in business management. I always valued education and knew that obtaining a degree would be pivotal for my career aspirations. During my research, BCU stood out for its excellent reputation, diverse international community, and strong industry connections. The decision to apply to BCU was solidified after learning about its comprehensive MBA program and the opportunities it offered for practical learning and networking.

Before coming to BCU, one of my main challenges was balancing work responsibilities with the commitment to further my education. As an entrepreneur running a growing business, finding the time to dedicate to full-time study was daunting. Additionally, managing the financial aspects of pursuing a postgraduate degree was a concern. However, my determination to advance my knowledge and skills helped me navigate these challenges, and I found ways to integrate my studies with my professional life effectively.

Studying the MBA course at BCU was an enriching and transformative experience. The curriculum was comprehensive and well-structured, covering essential aspects of business management. The faculty were knowledgeable and supportive, providing insights that bridged theory and practice. The diverse student body enriched my learning experience, offering different perspectives and fostering a collaborative environment. The practical projects and real-world applications of the course content equipped me with the skills and confidence to excel in my career. Overall, BCU provided a strong foundation that has been instrumental in my professional journey.

Now, I'm the Founder and CEO of Gomore Travel, a premier travel agency based in Abu Dhabi. I have been leading the company for the past few years, focusing on providing tailored travel experiences for retail clients, government entities, and corporate sectors.

Since graduating from BCU, my career has been on an upward trajectory. The knowledge and skills gained from my MBA have been instrumental in expanding Gomore Travel. I have successfully navigated the challenges of the travel industry, built a strong client base, and positioned the company as a trusted partner for high-value travel services. My experience has been marked by continuous learning, strategic growth, and a commitment to excellence in customer service.

The MBA course at BCU has been directly relevant to my role as CEO. The strategic management, marketing, and financial acumen developed during my studies have been crucial in making informed business decisions. The course's emphasis on leadership and innovation has prepared me to steer Gomore Travel towards future aspirations, including becoming a global provider of AI-driven travel services. The network of professionals and mentors I connected with at BCU continues to be a valuable resource.

A typical workday for me involves strategic planning, meeting with key stakeholders, and overseeing the various departments within Gomore Travel. I start the day by reviewing financial reports and key performance indicators, and meetings with the management team which focus on operational efficiency and customer service excellence. Throughout the day, I also engage with clients, negotiate partnerships, and explore new business opportunities. Continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends are integral parts of my daily routine.

The most challenging aspect of my career path has been managing the rapid growth of Gomore Travel while ensuring the highest standards of service. Balancing operational demands with strategic expansion required robust problem-solving skills and adaptability. Overcoming these challenges involved building a strong, dedicated team and leveraging the knowledge gained from my MBA to implement efficient business processes. The support network of mentors and peers from BCU has also been instrumental in navigating these challenges and achieving success.

My proudest achievement since graduating from BCU is successfully establishing Gomore Travel as an authorised travel partner for major events such as the Olympic Games Paris 2024. This recognition underscores the hard work, dedication, and strategic vision that I have applied to grow the company. It validates the quality of our services and our reputation in the industry, making it a milestone that reflects both personal and professional growth.

In the long-term, I aspire to transform Gomore Travel into a global leader in the travel industry, leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to provide unparalleled travel experiences. My goal is to expand our reach, innovate our service offerings, and create a sustainable, customer-centric travel platform that sets new standards in the industry. Additionally, I aim to contribute to community development and support initiatives that promote responsible and sustainable tourism.

For anyone considering the MBA course at BCU, I would say go for it with full dedication. The program is rigorous and challenging, but it provides a solid foundation in business principles, strategic thinking, and leadership skills. Make the most of the networking opportunities and practical projects, as they are invaluable in applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Stay engaged, ask questions, and take advantage of the resources and support offered by the university.

‘I AM BCU’ means being part of a diverse and dynamic community that values innovation, excellence, and inclusivity. It signifies the pride of belonging to an institution that fosters personal and professional growth, and it represents the commitment to uphold the values and standards set by BCU in all my endeavours. Being a BCU alumnus means carrying forward the legacy of the university and contributing positively to society.”