Nato Pachuashvili

English Language and Literature BA (Hons)

Emigrating from Georgia to the UK, Nato struggled in her initial weeks at BCU due to language barriers, but with persistence and determination, she succeeded. Now, she’s an Assistant Professor at the International Black Sea University and has written her first novel. 

“My love for teaching inspired me to pursue a career in English Language and Literature at BCU. I was overjoyed to be accepted into the program as it was my first choice. When asked what career I would have chosen if not teaching, I struggle to respond because teaching has always been my passion. Additionally, I have always loved reading, especially British literature. My enthusiasm for both teaching reading naturally led me to choose English Language and Literature at BCU.

I was born and raised in Georgia, but in my teens, my family emigrated to the UK. During my first weeks at BCU, my initial happiness turned into profound frustration as I struggled with self-consciousness about my language abilities, hindering my comprehension and communication.

Despite facing significant challenges, I remained determined to succeed, studying tirelessly, developing resilience and adaptability, and benefiting from the support and advice of amazing professors.

I enjoyed every moment of my time as a student at BCU, and it played a pivotal role in shaping the person I am today. Through studying English Literature, I was exposed to a diverse and captivating curriculum that fuelled my intellectual curiosity.

After graduating from BCU, I began my career as an Associate Lecturer at Birmingham Metropolitan College. Upon completing my MA in Applied Linguistics, I returned to Georgia and since 2017, I have been working with several universities in Georgia, where I have taught a range of courses related to the English language. I earned a PhD in Educational Sciences at the International Black Sea University in 2022.

Now, I work as an Assistant Professor in Education Administration at the International Black Sea University in Tbilisi. I deliver courses in Introduction to Linguistics, Educational Technologies, Critical Thinking and Professional English for International Relations. Additionally, I supervise undergraduate thesis projects and actively participate in academic research events, including conferences both locally in Tbilisi and abroad.

Graduating from BCU provided me with invaluable knowledge and skills in language, literature, and critical thinking, significantly boosting my confidence in my teaching abilities. The diverse literary works I was exposed to at BCU broadened my understanding of different cultures and perspectives, which now I incorporate into my lectures.

The most challenging aspect of being a teacher for me is planning lectures that are engaging and meet curriculum standards while addressing students' needs. In this digital era, I invest significant time and effort in staying updated with educational trends and adopting new technologies and methods for my classroom.

My proudest achievement since graduating is publishing "The Book Wanderer," a testament to my resilience and patience, bringing immense satisfaction and accomplishment. Writing the book helped me confront my fear of public scrutiny, share my vulnerabilities, and significantly contribute to my professional development and knowledge.

In the future, I plan to study a Creative Writing course at a British university to enhance my writing skills. Also, I have started collecting ideas for my second book.

My advice to fellow BCU graduates is to dream big, persist through struggles, and view failures as learning opportunities. Invest in yourself, remain resilient despite life's unfairness, and keep moving forward, as your journey awaits.

To me, "I AM BCU" means pride.”